Growing Soil — Gardening Nations

Growing Soil — Gardening Nations

I’ve lamented the fact that I’m good at killing things (like deer and elk) but very poor at growing things (like a vegetable garden).  My chickens, egg layers, did well.  But I’ve yet to produce anything close to a garden that I’m proud of.

I’ve wanted to give up and say “well that’s just not my thing.”  But I keep going.  Something inside of me says “you’re not complete until you can grow tomatoes and potatoes.”   So I keep going.  

By now I should have learned some things.  And I have.

Lesson #1.  Before you can grow plants, you have to grow soil.

Nothing grows in bad soil except weeds and fruitless plants.   I had huge bushy potatoes plants going but didn’t have more that a meal’s worth of potatoes to actually eat.  The chickens ate the rare tomatoes before they even turned red.  Carrots — nope.  Lettuce — nope.  Radishes — nope.  Corn — huge plants but no fruit.  

All flash but no bang.

So I’m learning to be patient and grow my soil.  There are no shortcuts.  I have bad soil. Full of clay.  Lacking nutrients. Lacking organics.  Lacking pretty anything that makes for fertile soil.  

I’m a soil farmer, now.  I take all my orange peels and watermelon husks and egg shells and coffee grounds and dig them back into my garden beds.  Crude, yes. But it’s a step in the right direction. Dirty, yes.  But we’ll get there.  Time consuming. Yes, but what else am I going to do?

The simple fact is I’m sowing in bad soil and the harvest is weak.  A great crop requires great soil.  

And so it is with the soil of the Nations and the Seed of the Gospel.  Our Evangelical Church sows seeds in bad soil and returns a lousy crop.  We are so used to bad crops that we think we are doing well when something sprouts up once in a while. We justify our poor gardening by saying, “well, it’s the end-of-days and we know things are getting worse.”     

That’s not right. That’s like telling a barren woman to be satisfied with a couple of still borns and maybe one misshapen Downs Syndrome kid and not to expect anything better.  “That’s as good it you can expect,” the Pastor says, in effect.  

That’s wrong.  That’s not the standard.  That’s not what it means to be fruit to “be fruitful and multiply.”

And so here we are today. We’re like the barren woman above and the church leaders are saying that’s all normal and OK, and it will just get worse.  Hideous Pastors, they are, monstrous midwives who’ve never been fruitful and so now rejoice in death and barrenness, or at least tolerate the weeds and weakness and warped and wormy fruit that comes up.

There’s a better way, but it takes time and patience and a lot of work.  We need to  prepare the soil of nations (blood lines) for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.    How is the seed of the Word of God sown in good soil?

The Jews in Jesus’ time HAD the Hebrew Scriptures.  They had the Law. They had the Commandments. They had the prophets. They had a whole society that should have been entirely receptive to the Seed of God.

Those that recognized Jesus Christ did so  because of the foundation laid down throughout their familiarity with the Hebrew Scriptures.  They KNEW that God created the heavens and the earth. They knew that sin required blood for atonement.  They knew that God would provide his own sacrifice in blood for the atonement of sins.  They knew, emphatically, that God set standards (His Law, the Ten Commandments) and that they were inviolable and that the punishment for sin required blood, the blood of an innocent Lamb.  They knew this.  Their culture embraced the Scriptures.

When Christ appeared, lived, died on the Cross, and was raised from the dead, it all of a sudden made sense.  They already believed that sin was a  legitimate concept (unlike today). They believed in a personal God that judged the souls of men (unlike today).  The knew the standard was the Ten Commandments (which are illegal in schools today).  They knew that God was real and sovereign over nations (bloodlines) and individuals (unlike today).

So when the Evangelist came and said “you must accept the blood sacrifice that God Almighty has already provided in his Son Jesus Christ,” it fell into place.  The soil was good, fertile and ready to receive the seed of the Word of God and bear fruit.  For those who had ears to hear, yes, but the soil makes a difference.

But if a soil (the culture of a nation, a blood line) doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t believe in sin, doesn’t believe in the Law of God, doesn’t believe in right and wrong, then that soil is horrible soil, rocky and full of weeds, and very difficult to grow a crop.

Grow soil in in the nations (the gardens) now so that in a few generations when we sow the seed (the Word of God) of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we produce a great crops.  There is no short-cut to this.   If we do the hard work of tilling and composting, and grow soil for the next few generations, in targeting nations (whomever they may be, choose your bloodline), then we will have already prepared generations of young people to accept the word of Jesus Christ.  They may readily confess with their mouth Jesus Christ as Lord and believe in their hearts they he rose from the dead and thus be Saved.

But today, because the CHURCH has surrendered the garden (the social/educational/legal/philophical/historical/literary) soil to the followers of Satan (those who believe in reverse-Entropy and worship Satan in word and deed), they can’t grow a decent crop.

A nation (a bloodline) that would be Christian MUST grow good soil before it can grow good crops. That soil must be fertilized and prepared and it doesn’t come in a one-week revival show.  

A soul isn’t independent of it’s nation and culture (it’s soil).  A seed doesn’t grow without soil.  Even if it germinates without soil or water, it dies.  It must die.  It can’t live without water (of the Word of God) and good soil (the cultural foundations in education and philosophy, and family, and law and education and music and literature).  You MIGHT get some sprouts, but you aren’t going to reap a hundred-fold.   The evidence is America today — for all our Churchy-ness, our culture is leading our nation into hell and that is the Church’s fault because we’ve surrendered the soil to the Children of Satan.  

When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3)

Build the foundations — grow the soil — and in a few generations you will reap a hundred-fold.

But ignore the soil and you can sow all the Word of God you want on it and you’ll end up with plant with stunted fruit, weeds, and a small crops, if any.  

Once upon a time Europe was Christendom. It was the Church.  They all believed in God.  Today, almost all believe in Reverse Entropy in Europe. So no wonder Europe is hard soil for the Gospel. The Church gave up the care of soil and turned it over to the worshippers of Satan, that Old Deceiver, and now the soil is rocky and barren. 

This isn’t rocket science.  If everyone grew up in gardens (as was the pattern for Adam and Eve (in the Garden) and Noah (a planter of vines) and Abraham (who kept to the hills with his herds) then the basic facts of the Bible wouldn’t be so foreign.  God but Man in a Garden to frame the Narrative of Mankind so that His Truth’s would be completely obvious.  This is why Urban life (Babel) is evil — it deracinates us — it removes us from the context (soil) that will bear good fruit.  Not that bad soil creates zero fruit (which is what we experience today), but we don’t even know what good fruit is any more.

It is Satan’s plan to de-racinate Man (removing Man from the good and natural soil that God planted man in, a Garden, with bloodlines and family).  The Deceiver creates poor soil for the son’s of Adam.

My life is a call to the  Blood lines (the nations, the fundamental social unit that God created and separated at Babel) to return to the Covenant for the Nations (the Ten Commandments) and the Narrative of Genesis (as written by that old Hebrew named Moses) in order to build the soil of the nations over the generations (it takes time) so that we end up with a hundred-fold crop of the Born Again offspring of God Almighty who will truly bear great and lasting fruit over their generations and that the seeds their faith and foundations would spread to the other nations.

This is the meaning of Matthew 28:19-20:Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you [b]always, even to the end of the age.

Oh, and Satan hates this. And that just makes me smile. 🙂

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
7 August 2019

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