Misconceptions about a Christian State

Let’s clear up a few “fears” about living in a place that would be a “Christian Nation/State.”

Fear #1. I don’t want anyone to tell me what to do.

A young man once told me that he didn’t want to join the military because he “didn’t want anyone to tell him what to do.” I felt the same way when I was a young man.

But one quickly realizes how little independence is allowed in this world. When you are child your parents (hopefully) told you what to do. When you are in school, the teachers give you all kinds of ridiculous rules to follow and even tell you to stop talking. (And God help you if you say anything politically incorrect.)

There is a brief time in a life — out of Dad’s house, semi-employed, perhaps in college — when you really have no one telling you what to do. It’s a great time, if also a time of relative penury. Yet there, we regulate our activities so as to keep  our grades decent and out of jail. And, these days, there’s a great deal of self-censorship in college.

And then you either create your own business, and your customers rule you with an iron fist (anyone who has started and run their own business can tell you this — even your employees will have more freedom), our you become employed, and your boss tells you what to do and not do eight hours a day.

And if you want to live in a house or apartment, you are told to work forty hours a week to pay for rent, utilities, food, car payments, cell phone and Internet. And taxes.

I don’t know where people get it in their mind that somehow America is a “free country.” Perhaps it used to be, but those days are long gone. You pay rent to the government (taxes on your real property) and outrageous fees for things like water (in my town it is illegal to collect water off my own roof).

Ahh, but some of you will say “that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m saying I don’t want anybody imposing their morality on me!”


OK, like what? Like tell you you can’t murder? Can’t steal? Can’t slander another person in a court of law? Can’t sleep with another man’s wife? That you musttruly rest on a Sunday when most of the businesses are shut down?

That doesn’t seem too hard to me.

And they say, “I want to freedom to have my own morality and do whatever I want and say whatever I want.”

Where are you going to find that? Certainly not in the United States in 2019. That’s for darn sure.

Americans cannot say whatever they want, no matter how deeply convinced they are of their opinions, without risking their jobs, education, bank accounts and even their life. In what government office can a man opine, openly, that homosexuality is wrong? In what university campus can a student opine that “we should build a wall?” What Fortune 500 country will allow a man to ogle a woman’s breast (no matter how openly she flaunts them) and say “you look great today!”

Please don’t insult our intelligence to suggest that Americans have the freedom of speech and action. That’s gone. And the political Left is bent on suppressing it even more.

People go to jail in Europe and Canda for exercising the freedom of speech, not for suppressing it. Christians are going to jail for publicly opining that homosexuality is wrong.

There is a profound fear in American society of speaking one’s mind freely — some people (who may wear a red baseball cap) are physically beaten for daring to express their support for the current President.

So please don’t suggest that somehow I want to take away the freedoms Americans enjoy. There is vastly less freedom to dissent in America that there was when I was a child.

A good Leftist professor would say that “freedom is an illusion.” I would say that tolerance has always been a lie — the Left has used the concept of tolerance as a lever to move acceptable political discourse from one point (when, not too long ago it was completely acceptable for American politicians to reject homosexual marriage) to one of today where it is unacceptable (upon pain of losing a job or and education) to say the homosexuality is wrong.

Universal tolerance has always been lie. The weak minded (Christians) have been guilt manipulated into surrendering righteous stances on how to govern a society. The priests and prophets of Satan (our university professors and their disciples) rushed in, changed all the rules, and now make Christianity effectively illegal outside of very small private gatherings (the few and diminishing Churches in American). It would see that the churches that are the largest are also those most inclined to surrender a godly and Christian world view.

So if you insist on homosexual marriages and the teaching of evolution in tax supported schools (which is not a requirement in any state), then, yep, this isn’t for you. But please don’t suggest that a Christian state would be less tolerant than America is today — it would simply shift what is acceptable from one range to another, like the Left already did during the last century in America.

There is nothing tolerant about getting fired as a university professor for daring to think and speak somewhere to the right of the Democrat party. There is nothing tolerant about riots and burnings and beatings when a non-Leftist homosexual (Milo) or non-Leftist woman (Coulter) speaks on a university campus. Or the beatings by Antifa on a gay asian reporter.

I’ve known many who shudder when introduced to ideas “outside the mainstream.” And that mainstream has shifted dramatically even the last few political cycles when once the Clintons opposed homosexual marriage and now they play like they are offended that anyone would oppose such a thing.

Fear #2. I want my voice to be heard.

I do to. And it seems that it’s not possible in a single society to accommodate every point of view.  Some things I have written are considered “hate speech,” and “racist” and all the usual terms used to invoke hatred against anyone (such as myself) willing to counter the dominate (Leftist) narrative as professed by our universities, Hollywood, most press outlets, and the speech and idea codes in the government and big business. I am the minority and by no means are my ideas accepted.

So, yeah, I agree with you. I want my voice to be heard. And yet when educated professionals call me a racist, I have the notion that I ought not put up with their hatred and ridicule. I would like to live in a society that embraced the good and true and right and beautiful; and I find those things in Genesis, the Psalms, the Gospels, and Isaiah.

I realize that most American (even the Christians) have embraced quite the opposite, embracing virtually every idea that is contrary to the narrative introduced in the first ten chapters of Genesis. But I’m not one of them. I’m different. And I want my own space, too, to raise my children and grand children in the fear and adulation of God and to honor his Scriptures (not Satan’s).

So here is to diversity: Let there be a place and time when a nation can separate itself from those that hate them already and build a society more pleasing to themselves and their God.

Let there by many nations that return to the G0d-Man whose symbol adorns their national banners. Let the formerly Christian nations reject the atheism of Satan and once again bend their knee to the Sovereign Lord of every nation, Jesus Christ.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
12 August 2019

“The Truth is, your political opponents call you curse words (racist, sexist, Islamophobic, etc.) in order to crush you.

It is the pugil stick over the pen,
the sucker punch over intelligence,
brutality over reason —
the purpose is to dehumanize without any requirement for logic.

Calling a white man a racist is no more — or less — legitimate than calling a non-White a racial epithet; to allow a man to call you a “racist” isn’t any more acceptable than a black man allowing someone to call him a denigrating name.

The Black would take offense — as they should. It’s time for Whites to take the same offense an be willing to respond appropriately.”

We are done tolerating this abuse. Either this works both ways or it doesn’t work at all.”

What they fear is that we wake up and realize this, and that’s what is happening now, and it is revolutionary.”

— Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.

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