The Foundation of Intellectual Culture is Education

The Foundation of Intellectual Culture is Education

Re-building a culture— one that has been so badly gutted by the global homogenization project — requires re-building the soil it grows it; organic gardening on a a national scale.

With all the rage against the Left or the Right, the real culprits of cultural suicide are conveniently (for them) left out of the discussion.    They don’t care if the right or the left wins the next election.

The education system defines a culture — it is the growing of minds from pre-K through a Ph.D. program that determines the fertility and fecundity of a culture.  Or lack thereof.

The educational systems (the religious systems) of the West have denuded the soil and poisoned the wells of culture as they rush to destroy what was once good and great and productive.

Communists have always been good at destroying, but they could never build. In the United States today we are on the cusp of destroying the very little that is left of what made America great, and finishing the global homogenization project by erecting a multitude of totalitarian tools (from Internet censorship, to pre-crime statutes, to eliminating all anonymity by banning cash and monitoring all social content in order to control thought and speech which ultimately is aimed at destroying Truth as revealed in Jesus Christ the Son of God).   

My hope is that their evil will inspire a revolt leading to the establishment of geographic areas resistant to the totalitarian urges of global homogenization. Strong local Christian cultures — not a global culture of atheism — should develop laws and institutions friendly to Truth of the Bible.  This is a dream against global homogenization and for the building of Christian nation states. 

[I suspect that the great Awakenings of bygone centuries would fail to yield lasting results because Christians minds have been so subverted by the idea that the world belongs to Satan and our only hope is escape.  This is non-sense. Jesus Christ is Lord today over every nation and the Great Commission commands us to discipline the nations.   We do the Gospel no favors by surrendering before we have even begun.]

The foundation of the current evil order is the deception that an educational institution is  neutral or that somehow “secular” is the default approved world view.   Nothing could be further from the Truth.  Educations institutions are de-facto religious institutions with all the garb and trappings of the mediaeval church and remain extraordinarily resistant to change or challenge from within or without.  They have so successfully controlled that narrative that  ideas of Truth — Big Truth — are immediately thrown out as “religious” and therefore disqualified from the discussions.    They have convinced us that whatever they deemed to be “religious” is a forbidden topic in the Academy, except as a means of further segregating Truth under their control.

The Truth is that in the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth.  

The Truth is His Creation was perfect, and it has become more corrupt over time.

The Truth is that the Ten Commandments remain the essential foundation for the laws of a state.

The Truth is that good government must submit itself to the God of all creation before it can serve the people it claims to protect.

But these are “religious” ideas, they sneer.  What is “religious?”  Christian? If it is Christian is it religious, and therefore forbidden? If that’s the definition then it is time for all Christians to revolt against the religion of the West (that atheistic religion), take control from the religious leaders (university professors) and re-erect Christian educational institutions (like Harvard, Yale and Princeton once were) and begin rebuilding the foundation — a Christian foundations — for culture.

There is no way to build a “neutral” culture  or a “neutral” or secular educational philosophy in which Christianity can flourish.  We’ve proven that in the centuries since the birth of French atheism, America being, perhaps the fullest expression of that atheism.  This is an  atheism that prevents free speech and inverts Good and evil.

To Christian men: “Stop looking to rescue a civilization with an anti-Christ  foundation.  We live in a culture where even Christians  don’t recognize how deeply we have been subverted.“

To European men — Christian or not: “Return to the King whose Cross adorns the flags of Europe.  Be proud of your bloodline.  Reject global homogenization.  Breed children — this is the ultimate defiance of Satanic rule. And, for your children’s sake, reject the false priest and prophets (the University Professors) who alienate your offspring from the God of your ancestors.”

A Christian culture cannot exist without a foundation of Christian education.  And Christian Nation-States cannot exist when they surrender control of that one key religious institution — which is the Education system — to men who hate God.  

Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father; the one who confesses the Son has the Father also.  (1 John 2:22-24)

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
3 September 2019

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