What Binds Us Together?

As the net closes tighter on the dissenters from the dominate (Left) narrative in American media, entertainment, politics, and education, I have to ask them:

What is it that you think binds us together?

A social compact was formed in the late 1700s called the US Constitution.  It was a reflection of the values and beliefs of a people.  I — and all my colleagues — took an oath directly to that Constitution (not to a President or Court or Political party).

I think that is the only thing that binds us together in late 2019.  It is the one common document and expression of values that we have agreed to by our oaths of office and the history of this Republic.

But it seems the Left in the United State has rejected the Constitution.
And if they reject that, I ask again: “What do we have in common?”

If you reject the Freedom of Speech, which clearly the Left does as it has imposed “hate speech” laws and EEO codes upon an unwilling populace — without their consent. Not to mention the silencing of dissent on the Internet.

If you reject the Second Amendment — the right to Keep and Bear Arms — that is a core element of what we swore to agree on.

If you reject the presumptions of innocence until proven guilty in a jury of your peers —  with ERPO (Red Flag) laws — you have rejected a core element of the agreed upon constitution of this country and a core element of our common oath. 

In every community in America machines are erected to record our every walk and drive and action. Every tweet and email are recorded.  We buy machines that record our most intimate conversations and moments in our home — and no one in government has championed a resistance to an Orwellian future.

If you find ways to subvert the will of the people by elevating men in black robes over what “We the People” have settled  — for example, imposing homosexual marriage and bussing and outlawing Christianity in schools  — none of which the public assented to — what binds us together?  

Communists throughout the Twentieth Century sought to re-make man in the image of an imaginary standard which has never existed and they continue today by imposing  speech and thought control upon dissenters.

So if two are not agreed, how can they walk together?

Do we  go our separate ways in peace?  

Or  . . . is there a darker alternative?

Is the ideological Left tolerant enough to allow a Christian people to be Christian not only in their private lives, but in the conduct of their children’s education and the public standards of morality? Or is the Left so intolerant that it would shove its narrow minded immorality down the throats of dissidents?  (We already know the answer to that.)

To Christians: this is your time to choose, too.   Is peace as a slave better than the  struggle for Christian liberty?  Is the elevation the Word of God as social standard worth a fight for the sake of your grand children?

These are not idle questions.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
23 September 2019

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