We Live in a Giant Global Cult (and I Want to Get Out!)

Imagine living in a society where certain untruths — which are so obviously untrue — are accepted as true. As in,

  • a boy is not a boy, he’s a girl trying to get out.
  • Or, self-emasculation is act act of freedom.
  • Or, the “American Way of Life” means snitching on your neighbors — not for breaking the law — but for harboring forbidden thoughts, thoughts that transgress the Untruths that are preached as truth.
  • Or imagine living in a society that claims to be guided by scientific principles and yet — the Foundational Doctrine of that society is fundamentally and provable false (I’m talking about the belief that entropy works in reverse and is renamed “Evolution”).

Imagine living in a society that proclaims the “Freedom of Speech and Association” but your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors are encouraged — indeed compelled — to report your thought crimes to The Government where some nameless low level bureaucrat will determine your fate (loss of job, economic opportunity and education) without any protection for the Bad Thinker that is normally accorded for crimes like murder, rape and arson. One cannot face their accuser. One cannot cross examine. One cannot compel witness and one is denied a trial by a jury of their peers. And more important, one is denied the presumption of innocence. A mere accusation is accepted as true unless proven otherwise. This is the EEO process that proclaims “civil rights” while denying the fundamental document of our society containing the Bill of Rights.

The knowledge of this process itself has produced a chilling effect of normal social and political discourse; I’ve had prominent leaders walk away from a gathering of men who dared breach the subject of race and crime or immigration and voting patterns. What ought to be vibrant political conversations are stifled through self-censorship because people know what an EEO complaint can do to their economic prospects.

I am of course talking about the United States of America today in 2019.

So we proclaim as “True” that we “live in a a free country” but we practice snitching and intellectually terrorizing the population by threatening them with unappealable punishments for Bad Thinking and Bad Talking. We are told to believe in “human rights” while the Power Structure completely guts the Bill of Rights.

I’m just telling you what I’m seeing. We live in a giant cult where it should be really obvious that what the power structure proclaims is really a great big fat lie. Wake up, people. Think for yourself.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
5 October 2019

PS: I remind myself when a people that divorces itself from the Hebrew and Greek scriptures (the Bible) it is bound to fall into deception, depravity, and slavery all while believing they live in truth and freedom. This is what happened to America. They only way out of darkness is toward this light, which is the Word of God.

And that’s it. And that’s why I’m not a “conservative.” I’m a Christian. Without a Christian foundation, liberty dies for the whole society. And I want that liberty back for those of us willing to claw our way out of this Giant Cult and back to Truth and Life.

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