How to Get the Races (Bloodlines) to Live in Peace

There is a project to force the integration of bloodlines.  This is Blacks.  Asians. Mexicans.  Europeans.  So-Called “Indigenous” peoples.  Forced integration into Europe and North America.  (But racial purification in Southern Africa — exterminating the Whites — seems to be ignored. Ironic how hypocritical this is.)

The theory of the Liberal Progressive Westerners is that we all must learn to be tolerant and get along and that the “bad” people aren’t the backward uneducated non-Whites (this is implied in their argument), rather the White’s themselves, because upon whom else will they ply their guilt manipulation? Certainly not the oppressed non-whites!

And so when they come, by the millions, and they drive over people, and shoot people, and knife people, and bomb people, and rape white boys and girls, and cut the clitoris off of young girls — it becomes the White’s problem (in their mind) for not sufficiently tow-towing to whatever it is they want.

By and large, the violence comes from Muslims — attacks from Other onto the Whites. 

When it is Black on Black (Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore), or Latino on Latino or Black/Latino violence it is about turf, money, drugs, and street power and, of course, White oppression.  So the “Progressives” ignore all that.

But the Other on White violence is always justified by the apologists for mass mixing and racial immigration because they hate the narrative of Genesis.

How do they think this will work?

They think this will work because the expect that all people’s (starting with the Whites) will convert to a globalist universalist religion — the religion of the current West, which denies it has a religion. But it does.

It is a religion that denies all the Truths that we find in the Hebrew (not Jewish) book of Genesis.  That book —a script, a writing — validates the separation of bloodlines,  sexual differentiation, and good and evil, Creation and a Creator.

This is for all the marbles.
Forced integration (of bloodlines and sexes) is Anti-Christ because it demands that all peoples submit to the religion of the West, that secular, atheistic, pompous idea that man is the creator of his own purpose, destiny, desire, means.  This is the religion of Lucifer.

There is one way and one God and one Truth.
“I am the Way, the Truth, and The Life,” said the Son of God, “no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

Choose wisely.

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
11 October 2019 

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