On Nationalism

It’s a funny title, right? I mean, who would even bring that subject up?  Normies are terrified of the most remote association with white nationalism, or white separatism, which translates into the unforgivable sin, the Scarlett Letter of the Twenty-First Century.  It is worse — much worse — that being a child molester (I don’t see Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney shedding any crocodile tears about Eptein’s crimes against children).

But these things need to be thought about.

 It is completely unnatural and a-historic to mix bloodlines (races) and then to expect universal harmony and joy. On the contrary, the mixing of races has always been a project of either conquest, or control.   The ancient world had no problem extinguishing bloodlines or mixing bloodlines such that nationalities (which are bloodlines) are forced to fight each other for survival instead of using their strength to resist a distant tyrant.   And once the tyrant is kicked over, the bloodlust brewing for centuries is unleashed an murder and mayhem take over.  Completing the circle, and new tyrant takes over and enforces order by their own violence.  Consider the fate of Yugoslavia over the last thirty years and you get the idea.   The nations broke apart and started the melee.  An external Force imposed “peace” through a campaign of aerial bombardment upon peoples of no relation to them whatsoever.

You and I have neighbors.  Me, and mine, live in my home. We have fences that are respected.  My neighbor is free to knock on my door and say hello and even ask for a favor, a cup of sugar, or whatever it is. And the better we get a long, the more likely I am to render assistance.  But that neighbor has no right to enter my home. He has no right to stand up on my lawn or even walk up my driveway.   He has no right to sit on my couch nor speak arrogantly toward me or my family when he is in my home.

The reason my neighbor and I get along is that we mutually respect those rights.  We acknowledge the legitimacy of the fence and boundaries and permissions.   If we did not, the a state of war exists between the two of us.

I wish my neighbor well.   Should he prosper, he will leave me alone, I  hope.  Unless his prosperty comes from despoiling his neighbor, in which case it is war or submission. 

And if I should be so timid and fearful that I simply allow my neighbor to run roughshod through my home (submission) and over my property it is because I have lost any sense of responsibility toward myself, my wife, my children, and the property that I have labored for.

It seems in Southern Africa the Whites created  prosperity and their neighbors moved in and despoiled them.  At least they had the courage to fight, for a while.  A people that relies upon despoiling others can never keep the ship running.  And so we see Zimbabwe collapse, and South African is on the same track.  And so is the United States if we don’t sort out who we are and starting having faith in our blood and gods again.  

This is what has happened to the United States.  Our tutors — our religious leaders — have told us that we are worthless trespassers upon the earth and that any resistance to invasion, theft or violence is “proof” of our worthlessness. (Calling someone “racist” is to call someone worthless, a “good-for-nothing.”)  And we believe it.  

Who are those tutors? They are our religious leaders, the priests and prophets in our secular Universities. They are the font of self-hatred, and we don’t even recognize it.

(Not yet; but that day will come. )

There is nothing more sacred than my own bloodline — my offspring and ancestors all the way back to Adam.  The man who tells me to hate my bloodline is my enemy.  That man — that Professor/Prophet from the University — may be my cousin, or my father’s uncle. Or his ancestors may have come from the same small village in Sweden that my ancestors came from.  But if he tells me to hate my Fathers (from whence the word Patria – patriotism) then he is not my friend. He would tear down my walls and allow others in to defile what is mine.

And that is why bloodline alone is an insufficient foundation to a strong nation.  If those of a similar bloodline to not share the same world view, how can they be agreed?   Being White does not make me one with another Whites any more that being Black makes one “one” with Africans. Witness the eternal tribal wars amongst Africans.

Being a White Atheist hardly allows for a belief in anything beyond this life. It is hard to fight for one’s bloodline if one sees themselves as a mere product of time and chance with zero transcendent meaning.  

I applaud the new pagans for recognizing this and seeking out the old gods (which are really not that old).  At least they understand the requirement for transcendence and connections that cannot exist with Atheism.   And then it is a fight for survival of the tribe and nation which does give meaning, is worth killing for, and worth dying for.

Do not be deceived by those who claim that nationalism and patriotism and religion are the cause of all wars. Indeed look at the history of the West since WW2 and see the slaughter around the world in the name of making the world safe for — what? Democracy? Socialism? Communism? All those movements sought strip man of blood and faith and impose something harsher and less human than what God has give him (blood and faith).  

The Narrative of Genesis is the intellectual foundation for the preservation and propagation of one’s bloodline. This is foundational to all meaning and purpose for humanity.  Jesus Christ traces his ancestry — his bloodline —  all the way back to Adam.   If this is important to Jesus Christ, why is it not important to Christians?

And if non-Christians instinctively understand the roles of kinship and blood, why won’t Christians understand what is foundational to their Narrative?

It is not possible to read the Hebrew of Greek Writings and not see the profound importance ancestry and offspring.   Indeed the very purpose of Adam was to raise a multitude that would worship God. It was Abraham’s purpose to be a father of Nations. It was David’s destiny to be the ancestor of the Messiah. It was the Messiah’s purpose to Re-birth  corrupted souls  and create a new Bloodline as the Sons of God.

Coming full circle, it has always been and always will be the purpose of God to have nations/bloodlines serve Him.   The purpose of a bloodline is not to rebel agains the Creator, it is to serve him corporately over the generations to bring Him glory and enjoy His blessings. 

Some blood lines will serve him. Some will not. On the Judgement Day He will sort out the bloodlines, some to an eternal reward. Some to punishment.   The separation of bloodlines at least allows nations to chose whom they will serve; but  forcing them to be one is the Anti-Christ project of Babel.

It makes sense for me to band with my brothers to serve God in the face of the Atheist and Mohammedan.  Shorn of my God, I’m putty in the hands of them all.  Attached to my God, I have the faith to sacrifice now for my bloodline’s future.

Now, if you were to couple faith in the Almighty with a brotherhood of your kin — now there is a force to be reckoned with.  And the former supports the latter.  And I suspect this is what Satan’s minions fear most.  And this is why Satan’s Priests and Prophets have been destroying the foundation of faith and blood in the West for at least two centuries.  We are in the last stages of  extermination of White Christians — indeed of all Christians when you look at Africa and the Middle East.  

This is why a resurgence of racial loyalty among Whites (racial loyalty among non-Whites has never been a problem for self-hating Whites) is so threatening.   It is the foundation of self-presevation.  And it is the beginning of their search for transcendent meaning.  They will either return to the younger gods or to the Creator God who validates their bloodline, gives it meaning, and offers them eternal rewards for it’s propagation, vitality, and vigor.

So I support Whites who are awakening to a loyalty to their own kin, a loyalty that the Blacks have, the Mexicans have and the Jews have (and probably everyone else on earth). I support Nationalists as I support my neighbor — you do you and I’ll do me.   

It is a combination that Satan hates in his desire to strip all meaning and from those that would resist him.   Restore Christian pride in one’s ancestry and offspring and we can resist the Deceiver and his religious order.  And then we (as a nation) will truly be that shining light on a hill, a hope for all the nations, that they too would come to Zion and say “teach us His Laws, and teaches us His ways.”

Fritz Berggren, Ph.D.
13 October 2019

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