No Third Way

When I came of voting age I voted for Ronald Reagan. Later I voted for Bill Clinton.  After that I realized both parties campaigned one way and ruled another.  I dabbled in Libertarian ideology and voted for Ron Paul.  None of this, of course, made any difference and our country slid constantly toward the precipice.   

I was enamored, for a while, with the idea of a system safe for all — accepting the various beliefs, and perhaps moralities, of everyone, while creating a solid structure for all.

The course of our country forced me to think deeply about this; and I concluded that it wasn’t possible.  And I was forced to think mostly deeply on what is most important — an earthly order to accommodate us all (not an ignoble goal), or was there something deeper.  

I was forced to the foundations of my life. If God be God, then all the earth should obey him.  And I gave up the idea of a “neutral” structure in which we could all get along.  I do not believe that is possible, although at one time I spent some effort thinking about how to make this work.

Once having resolved that, I have pursued thinking about how to create a new nation states that serve the King, Jesus Christ.

Nations are bloodlines — they are the natural God ordained social order.
A family (Man and wife and children) are the foundation of a bloodline.
Extend that bloodline and you have clan, tribe and nation. Kith and Kin.

God created that order, not man.

States are the mechanisms by which nations/bloodlines govern themselves, it is a tool of governance.

Between the bloodlines and the system of governance are language, culture, beliefs, values and the means to propagate that, which is Education.  No nation/state exists without education (which is the role of the priests).

If Deuteronomy 28 is true (and of course it is) then the United States should experience the curses.  And we are.   The media and the world will tell you we are doing great and would do better if we just got rid of people (like me) that reject their one-world atheistic valueless and totalitarian system, but that’s just part of the lie.  I suspect if you are reading this you already deeply distrust their propaganda.

It is my opinion that what we are experiencing now is just the warm up for the curses.  (What curses? Let’s start with the decline of our great cities, like Seattle, San Francisco, L.A., and Detroit.  And the gutting of our heartland with drug addictions and unemployment).    We are on track for massive violence in the U.S., violence that mimics the horror we allow our children to watch on the video games and that we enjoy while watching Game of Thrones and John Wick.  The wars that we have waged overseas will haunt us at home.  I’ve written to some family members about this — I have historical reasons (not Deuteronomy 28) that suggest that Russia will pounce at some point, to no good effect on the U.S.   It just makes sense as a student of history.

The bad news is destruction.
The good news is a chance to rebuild after the fall.

My efforts are focussed on changing the intellectual milieu in which American Christians think about how we got to where we are and how will will rebuild after that fall.   My focus is on Christians because at the end of the day the Christian Church is the one essential institution upon which a nation rises or falls as a Christian nation-state.

The Church should be the arbiter of that which comes between the bloodline and the state.  It should be the primary flavoring (salt) of the culture, beliefs, values and — most importantly — the Education. The system of Education is always a religious system. 

Of course I’m not talking about those churches who have forsaken their King and embrace the world (by, for example, marrying homosexuals and embracing Islam) but rather those men that fear God in their hearts and trust his guidance (the Bible). 

Let me be clear — I am not, as someone once suggested a member of “the community of faith.”  Oh heck no.  Don’t even lump me in with everyone else. I have a King. His name is Jesus Christ.  He is Lord of every bloodline whether they are in rebellion or submission. One day he will come and impose, by force, His will.  (Until then, we have work to do on earth.)

I am not an individualist. I do not subscribe to the idea that the greatest social value lies with the individual.  The Writings emphasis both — with the Hebrew emphasizing this world and the bloodlines and the Greek writings emphasizing the individual and the spiritual. 

  Nations are blessed by obedience to the Ten Commandments in time and in history.  Individuals are saved by that which atoned for the breaking of the Commandments, that blood of Jesus Christ.   One does not discard the former for that latter, one treasures the old and embraces the new.

Part of what the Church has missed over the centuries is because of the singular focus on the salvation of the individual — “you must be born again.” And as true as that is, we have voluntarily surrendered the discipling of nations (entire bloodlines and the governments) too Satan.  Satan ruled those nations and has made it exceedingly difficult to evangelize the individual.  If you plow the nations, you will harvest the souls. If you allow the nations to become hard and rocky and full of weeds, your harvest will be small.

Over time, in Christian nation-states — one will find that individual conversion comes as easy as reaping a crop in well watered and fertile soil.  So in the long term, evangelism starts with bringing discipline to the nations — and then the harvest becomes great.

How can wel build when the land is occupied by servants of Satan?  How indeed? Ask Moses and Joshua.    What was Pharaoh and Egypt to the God of Moses?  And when Joshua entered the promised land — a land of giants — he defeated them. God made a way.  

This is a long way to get to my point.  Bad things are coming but there’s light at the other end of we forsake our foreign gods and bow the knee to Jesus Christ.

The United States will not exist unless it serves Jesus Christ. Either it will be a nation that serves Jesus Christ — and follows His Laws and Commandments (the Ten Commandments) or it will not be a nation at all.

There  simply is no middle ground.  There simply is not a magical place were we can all just get along, pagan, muslim, atheist, homosexual and Christian.  We have spent two hundred years proving this thesis — we began as a nation (a bloodline) of English settlers enthralled with the idea of beginning anew as a Christian nation-state.  And what we have done ever since is accommodate Satans’ ideas to the point were now what I believe (the full counsel of the Holy Scriptures) is illegal and even shunned in Christian churches (for fear of being called ‘intolerant’).

We have tried the “compromise” route. It’s the route the Israelites sought by making alliances with the pagan nations and marrying their daughters. It does not work.  Let’s not rebuild on the same rotten foundation.

Yes, I get it, I know.
Not everyone wants to go along with this — “It’s not every tolerant.”

Neither the Egyptian nor Canaanites wanted this.
Nor the sons of Korah.
Guess who wins?  

I didn’t start out here. 

I started out looking for a third way.  But when God brought the sons of Israel out of Egypt he warned them that they should not even mention the names of the pagan gods.   God makes it simple — there is no “third way.” What he is doing today in the world is making it clear to His children that there is no way that accommodates both God and Satan, His children and the devil’s false moralities.

The time for choosing is almost up.   

Fritz Berggren, PhD
20 October 2019

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