Christian Violence

Christian Violence

Ragnar Redbeard wrote a book called “Might Is Right” and I could not agree more with that idea.   He who is strongest makes the rules.  And of course that Strong Man is the Lord I serve.  One of Jesus’ names is the Captains of the Lord’s Hosts (Armies).

I have written elsewhere that God is not God because God is good, but rather God is good because God is God.  Might Makes Right is simply a corollary of that.   And this ties directly into the legitimacy of violence.  God does not meet some external standard of “goodness,” God sheds goodness and rightness like we shed hair and dry skin.  What is good is a byproduct of Him — Goodness and Rightness  are derivatives of Him, not some universal external (to God) standard.

I wonder at those who interest themselves in asking Christians whether or not they eschew violence.  Because (they imply), a Christian would never impose his will by force.  (As if God would not impose His will by force — of course He will!)

Governments and politicians with police, soldiers, and an industrial scale prison system  rule by, with, and through violence.  For them to ask a somone — “do you eschew violence?” is the cougar asking the bunny if it promises to never defend itself.  

Politicians covet armed guards as symbols of rank  and the might to remain in power.    No President or Congressman that I know of has ever asked their  body-guards  to disarm and stand down.  When they ask citizens to disarm, they seek subjects to rule, not citizens to represent.

Those politicians are not against violence —  they seek their own monopoly of violence — their goal is absolute power through  which they alone define what is “right.” 

Might makes right.


The Narrative

I premise my discussions upon the foundations of the Hebrew and Greek narrative (commonly known as the Bible). I have said repeatedly that the Hebrew writings were never replaced by the Greek writings.  And the writings/Scriptures themselves have never referred to one portion of writings  as old, nor has it claimed superiority for the newer.  This is simply false.   Nothing in the Greek replaces nor supersedes the Hebrew.  The Greek may elaborate upon or enhance the Hebrew — but the foundation remains the books of Moses (who was not Jewish, BTW.  Jews are the sons of Judah, Moses was a son of Levi).

With that in mind it is important remember that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  When Moses met God at the burning bush, it wasn’t a God who is now dead.  When Joshua led his bloodline into the territory of the sons of Canaan, he was commanded by the same God I serve today.  Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  He is the one through whom all things came into being.  He is God in the flesh.  The fulness of God the Father dwells in him.  Before Abraham was, Jesus said, I AM.  

Christ is not a new God.  He is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Daniel, David, Isaiah and John the Baptist.

For theologians to imagine that “God changed” with the advent of Christ is  . . . I’m trying to find a strong enough analogy here . . . announcing the death of God.  God did not die when Christ appeared.  Christ is not a replacement God. He is one with His Father, God Almighty.   

He is God of violence as well as a God of mercy.

The Great Flood was a global act of Might that destroyed all bloodlines except Noah’s.  God did not “eschew violence” in order to appease a hypocritical (and Satanic) demand.  Nor will he change his mind about hell just to make his enemies happy.

When God destroyed all the first born of Egypt, he sent a killer angel to snuff their mortal lives. 

When the Hebrews fled Egypt, God drowned the Egyptians in the Red Sea.

When Joshua entered the promised land, he did it with men who wielded sword and spear.

When David was king, he “killed tens of thousands.” And he was a man after God’s own heart.  Jesus is called the son of David.

It is impossible to read the Hebrew writings and walk away thinking that God is a pacifist and his people are to be as lambs lead to slaughter.  

There was One Lamb that was led to slaughter so that His Blood may atone for the sins of many.   But that was not an act denying violence (if anything it acknowledge the requirement of a blood sacrifice), rather,  God chose to wield his power by abstaining from violence so that His Blood would  be shed by an act of violence. 

When Christ returns, He will come as a King with a sword and his army of angels.  He will, with violence, subdue the world and dispatch Satan into an eternal lake of fire.  That is raw power — violence — Might makes Right.

Or, God sets the Rules.

God is not God because God is good; God is good because God is God.

When Jesus Christ walked the earth, he looked Pilate in the face and said “do you know know that I can summon twelve legions of angels with merely my word?”  Christ did not eschew violence — he made it explicit that he holds the power of violence to use as he pleases in his own timing. 

When Jesus  called on the disciples to buy swords (a weapon an order of magnitude more violent than the ubiquitous shepherd’s staff), this was hardly the voice of a pacifist.

If find it curious that atheists who demand  Christian pacifism under the theory that it is wrong to impose your values by violence do, in fact, use violence to impose their values on others. This is true from our wars in the Middle East (to impose democracy, human rights, rule of law, etcetera) to the prison gulag system filled with men (mostly) who don’t live by the moral values of those who insist that a Christian should eschew violence.

It’s all hypocrisy, and I wish that Christians would simply wake up.

I’m not interested in swaying the anti-Christs;  I am very interested in waking up Christians — Christians must reject the moral leadership of the very people who hate their God.  

No person  will say “It is wrong for the police to be armed,” or “wrong for the military to be violent,” or “wrong for a state to maintain it’s power through violence.”  

So when Christian states resurrect, they can only exist by, with, and through violence.  

Non-Christians embrace violence while demanding that Christians and patriots (those loyal to their father’s blood line) eschew violence. 

Why, Christian, would you agree to that?

Satan worshippers  have two sets of rules — one for them and one for you.

Their rules permit them to destroy anyone who challenges their power. 

Wake up, Christian.  The Deceiver has deceived you — come back into the light  of the Scriptures.  That is your only path to declaring, as an evangelist, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The day has returned for Christians to prepare (again) for physical battle.   There is no escaping this. 

And this is not because Christians have the right to defend themselves — you (Christians) just aren’t that important.  It is that only a Christian can preach the whole counsel of God from the Scriptures.  You owe the lost (and future generations) the perpetuation of Christianity in this world whether or not you live or die.  You are just not that important to defend your own life — but the message that you have in your bosom is worth so much more than your life.

 Satan wants you extinguished, and you do him a great favor by rolling over with your belly up so he can skewer you with a spear. (Mercy is not one of Satan’s traits.)  Stop playing by the devil’s rules — they are not made for the benefit of the lost, nor for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Christian nation-states will arise again.  But they won’t arise with Satan’s permission.  The sons of Israel took land from the sons of Canaan without Satan’s permission as well.


Gideon was like many Christians  — he was the “Gray Man,” trying to blend in, be faithful in the portion that he had, staying under the radar.  The Angel of the Lord  shows up and calls him a “mighty warrior.”

Gideon looks around and says, “who? Me?”  God says “yes, you!”

God called Gideon  to break the rules Satan worshippers  imposed upon the Children of Israel.

Gideon  was called directly to break the norms of his day and destroy the most sacred idol in his society.  Terrified, he did it.  And what did the Satan worshipper say? Did they say “well, we don’t believe in violence so we will turn the other cheek?” No, they sough to kill him. (Judges 6)

Gideons fellow citizens — also sons of Israel —  sought to appease their anti-Christ lords.  Though they paid lip service to the God of Israel, their passions flared, and calls for violence erupted against that one man who served God.

 It remains impossible to worship God  and yet submit to the rule of the anti-Christs.  

God does not demand “what you think between your two ears,” he demands entire nations/bloodlines to serve him as a light and witness to other nations/bloodlines.  

The worship of God is not just an individual “belief” — Christianity must be a social compact within an entire bloodline with public worship of Jesus Christ exhibited by an institutional obedience to the Ten Commandments.

For too long the sons of Satan have made the rules and told the Church what it should and shouldn’t do.  That’s over.   We (like ancient Israel) tried the road of compromise. It doesn’t work.  It is time to break the chains of slavery we have so willfully acceded too.  

This will take brave men, and you must be willing to have the world hate you.  Do not look to them for approval.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
2 November 2019

Judges 6:16 16 The Lord answered, “I will be with you, and you will strike down all the Midianites, leaving none alive.”

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