Christian Violence, II

It perturbs the secular mind to have a ideology (besides their own) that can justify violence.   Their view of “religion” is that is ought remain passive and open to the advances of secular influence.   As in, “religion is a private matter,” a “matter of faith and conscience.”  Unless a Christian conscience opposes something like homosexuality or abortion and then the Christian is told “not to impose” their “religious” beliefs on others.   So much for toleration — it has always been a one way street.

But the subject is violence.  When might a Christian kill?

Of course a man ought resort to violence in order to defend his wife and children (and himself) from death or severe bodily harm.  Those men who have abnegated this role to the police are very trusting — sometimes it works out.  But mostly the murders take the initiative and by the time the police are called the crime is done, a child or wife destroyed, and an “investigation” may be started.  Once in while they actually catch a criminal, assuming he is fairly low on the social pecking order.

Who is not low on the social order?  Armies, police, cartels, gangs, and hired guns.  These folks almost never see judicial repercussions for killing — it is a “protected” sort of killing for police and the military.  And an unacknowledged practice for other professional practitioners of violence. It  could “businessmen” who compete by killing those who get in their way.  And woe to a policeman who dares challenge their power.

In Mexico most killings are not even investigated.  Do you think communities there have an interest in protecting themselves?  In one town the police were disbanded because they all worked for the Cartel.  So calling 911 is never and option for them.  Imagine that poor trusting Mormon family that was slaughtered.   No one was going to come to their aid.  They trusted and died.

Imagine you are tight with your extended family and their extended family; in other words you had bonds of trust and blood with a few hundred people.  Would it be in your interests to organize yourselves for defense?

The culture of Babel has done it’s best to destroy those kinds of tight bonds be removing people from the country side, sending them to re-education camps (public schools and universities), giving them a barely sustainable paycheck that makes them dependent upon, usually, a large and faceless corporation or government.  And of course outlawing guns as much as they can and making it very difficult on people who dare to organize a group of men (usually) who can work as an armed unit.   

Organizations that compete with state power are always frowned upon.  They are either turned to do the states work (justify state power and policies) or they are systematically destroyed.  Witness the “Christian” universities — they have disappeared with a couple of exceptions in all but name.  Now Christian professors at Christian universities serve Moloch in the form of human destroying ideologies.

So organizing family and friends into a functional self defense organization is extraordinarily threatening to the state, who yearns to have a monopoly of violence and the tools of violence.  So much so, that “block watches” are overseen by the local police and members are discouraged from arming themselves.  “Just call us if you see something,” they’ll tell you.  What they really mean is “you must remain entirely dependent upon us for your safety you can never be self-reliant.”

And that is great as long as you trust the government and you view it as being “on your side.”  And this is why citizens must be armed — they are they only  check on an unlimited and omnipotent government.   

But even if the “government” is on your side, what do you do when the government fails? Or turns against you?

There are solid examples of armed Christians groups:

Syrian Christians Take up Arms Against a Turkish invasion.

Many of the Christian families in Northern Syria migrated out of Turkey and Armenian a hundred years ago when the Muslin Turks slaughtered a million of them.   They know the cost of disarment.

The Sidelanders are a group of White Christians who have bonds of loyalty and heritage who are threatened by the Blacks in Southern Africa.  It is a dire situation.  They have organized themselves to prepare for the violence that has been encouraged against them by the South African government.

Few Americans object to the Jews arming themselves and carving out their own ethno-state.   And the United States has a long history of arming various factions for war in distant lands.

It seems there should be no argument from a good secularists for a people to unite and fight for their own independence — as did the 13 colonies in the late 1700s.  They fought the British Empire and won.

 The United States is hell bent on self-destruction and I’m afraid it will never come back.    What happens when anarchy rules the streets? What happens when the government breaks down?

What happens when the government is taken over by people who want you dead and your ideas extinguished?   Both the Syrian Christians and South African Suidlanders have decided they need to defend themselves.

They are not singlets and couplets of armed men raging against a machine. They are organized. They have leaders. They have plans. They protect their own just as Abraham protected Lot.

Some Churches have “security teams” organized to stop a mass shooting during their church services.   

And it is only in the late few years that I have seen this.   What these churches are doing — without even realizing it — is forming an organized militia under the leadership of prominent men they have chosen as their leaders.   They don’t think of it this way, but their “security” teams is a  foundation for something bigger should they realize the need.

But none dare call it a “militia.”  Because that is a trigger word.   The mass media (which is in the business of mass brainwashing) will tell you militias are dangerous and most people will instantly believe it.  I know if Christian churches with black pastors who are called “racists” because they are patriotic and armed.  And we’ve been told that patriotic armed men with family values are “racists” and “nazis.”

This article is not about the systemic dehumanization of Christians, especially traditional White Christians who believe in male-female marriage, reject transgenderism and prefer to live amidst and among others of the same language, religion, history and values.  But we need to think about where things are going.

Things are not trending toward peace and harmony.  They are arming and organizing now.

I see the future as holding opportunities for those willing to seize the initiative and organize for a new kind of society.  And so does the Left.  Whose vision will come to pass?

The Left is thrilled with the idea of collapse. That would justify maximum government intervention with emergency powers.  And just like natural disasters, they would seize tools of self defense and herd people to “reception centers” to take care of them.  This isn’t theory — this is what happened in Hurricane Katrina.  And in Germany under Hitler.  And in South African under the African National Congress, and it the former Rhodesia.

I lived in one foreign country where the leftist government allied (secretly) with a  street gang to suppress/kill their political opponents.  We’ve seen that begin in the United States where large city Mayors (always Democrats) facilitate Anti-Fa thuggery against their political opponents (including those who support President Trump).  In my home sate of Washington, it’s been said that the Democrat congress people in Olympia have openly worn Anti-Fa symbols on their lapels.  Anti-Fa is a violent organization with weapons.  Once they realize they have cover from the Democrat party, do you really think they will stop exercising their form of social justice?  They are just gearing up.

We’ve seen the violence on university campuses against anyone brave enough to have a dissident opinion.

Where in the mind of a Christian man does he think he will avoid violence as events continue to unwind?  When White people are called “nazi scum” they are dehumanized and targeted for violence.  No on in the Democrat party will speak up for you, and very few in the Republican Party.  Because people are terrified of this public shaming.  But they have to get over it.

In the coming confusion, there is some small chance that enough Christians organize to build  a nation-state explicitly Christian.   Ninety-nine percent of  Christians are not there yet — but events will force them to choose a side.   Either they go the way of the Episcopal Church in hopes that the world will embrace them, or they will adopt ideas rooted in the Hebrew Writings, ideas of family, blood, loyalty, land, and national worship of God through legal and educational systems explicitly and unapologetically Christian.  They will either embrace Babel, or flee from it and create a Christian societies not under the rule of Anti-Christs.

Others, too, yearn for a Christian people and place.  

Join us and stop worrying about offending those who already hate our God. We owe it to our descendants.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
8 November 2019

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