The Non-Viability of “Diversity” and “Tolerance”

A recurring thought I have is the non-viability of the United States.

We were once 90% European White and Christian.  We had a shared past and values.  We understood how things should be and how we should act together and what was important.  And when a call to arms came, we could rally as “Americans.”  It meant something then.

Less so today.  Some brag that by 2050 Whites will be a minority in the United States.  They are happy about this and they hate Christianity.  I don’t know why.  Non-whites didn’t flood into this country because it was run by Africans, or Salvadorans, or Pakistanis or Somalians or Muslims.  They flooded in because the White Christians  built something great here.  No one is flooding back to Africa or Asia or Central America. No one believes in the “diversity” delusion we impose upon ourselves.

Those who think about it try to justify the “diversity” like to talk about a “civic nationalism,” where we all rally around “share values.”  Values like “diversity is our strength,” and “tolerance,” and non-sense like that.  It isn’t even logical when so many of them would castrate our boys and pump them full of estrogen.  There isn’t even a place to begin a conversation on things like that.

And the silence of the old White Christians will mean death to that younger generation.

Older generations of Mexicans and blacks, I think, saw themselves as Americans and participated. It wasn’t perfect, but then it wasn’t perfect for  Whites either.   But we could all stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem live more or less in civic harmony and never question that a boy marries a girl and raises a family and works and is honest and lives tries to live a moral life.

But what is an America now?   

I have nothing in common with those who seem to speak for the “progressive Left” or the university professors, or the “shared values” they want to shove down our throats.

There truly is a movement to subjugate White and make us grovel and apologize and readily accept last place in anything, whether it is government jobs, or even something earned by our own hard work.     The anti-White hatred seems to grow at the same rate as the anti-Christ hatred and I believe they are correlated.  

Here are some illustrative links:

I was advised recently that I tend toward the negative when I write about the world we live in — I think that was a valid observation so I’m going to give you the other side of the story.

The other side — the good news — is that things are going exactly according to plan. Both the devil’s plan and God’s plan.   The devil looks like he’s winning.   But sooner or later the church will wake up and walk through fire and blood and once again overcome  just like the Spaniard did in the Re-Conquista, the sons of Israel did in the time of the Judges.  Neither were easy, but manhood is not supposed to be easy.

I have written about this elsewhere but it all comes down to Joshua Chapter 3.

Now these are the nations which the Lord left, to test Israel by them (that is, all who had not experienced any of the wars of Canaan; 2 only in order that the generations of the sons of Israel might be taught war, those who had not experienced it formerly).  Joshua 3:1-2

Christians of European ancestry are being forced to make a choice.  You can choose the easy way and die.  You can side with those who hate White people and hate Christians.  I doubt they will forgive you — that’s not something in your future.

Or you can repent.  You can repent of dishonoring your  father and mother.  You dishonored them when you apologized for your parents and their parents, and all their ancestors before them. They did something good in Europe and North America.  Stop being ashamed of them.  Stand up for them. Fight for them and for your offspring.

And you can repent for disbelief in the Son of God, Jesus Christ.   He saved your ancestors and they emblazon their banners with His Cross.    Honor your father and mother again by honoring their God, Jesus Christ.

If you do this, you will have something to live for.  And fight for.  And it will be worth it.

Your children can only follow your example.  We all have only a short time left in this life. Make it count. Make your life worthy.  He is worthy.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
16 February 2020

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