Towards a New Theology

I should not be stunned by the hatred but I still am.

Hatred of White-ness or European-ness is a virtue on the part of those claiming to be “against hate.”  The greatest “haters” are  those claiming to be “against intolerance.”  The brood of vipers, Satan’s children,  elevate the precepts of men over God’s Word.

Here is what their tolerance and acceptance look like:

The only good news out of this Post is that the Left has shown their hand.  This isn’t just about hating whites, it is about hating Jesus Christ. 

And I’ve written about that. 

The Left loves hatred. It loves its own moral purity based upon their own traditions.  The Left propagates hatred in the guise of their twisted moral piety and justifies violence agains the Children of the Cross.  Saul was one of Satan’s children who justified and promoted violence against Christians – he was morally sure of himself, just like the Left is today.

Saul took the traditions of the elders — the precepts of men  — and used them as his moral guide.   Saul’s spiritual children (before his conversion) continue today through all the Christ-haters and White haters. 

They parade their moral virtue in public by denouncing ‘racism,’ and other man-made sins.  And yet they are, like the Judaizers in Christ’s time, the ultimate hypocrites.

Calling a man of European descent a “racist” is hate speech — its purpose is to dehumanize a white man and prepare people psychologically to attack him and ultimately to kill him. 

Violence is always the end goal of Leftist politics, from the Jews, to Saul, to today.  This war has been going on for a long time.

Europeans are hated because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; self-loathing Europeans began their journey with an abandonment of Jesus Christ.

Their salvation will not come by placating those who hate them — they are fools to think so.

The Salvation of European man comes with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in their heart and minds and cultures.  The Cross once again must crown European man — his greatness will return when he returns to his God — Jesus Christ.

And if he does not, death awaits.   It will take more that a secular awakening to spur Europeans to self-defense. 

Will a man die for his unborn children?  His grand-children? A Christian man should, otherwise he is not worthy of the name.  “Christians” who refuse to raise up godly offspring (by not breeding, and by not filling them with the Word of God) are worse than infidels because they are not taking care of their own household. They dishonor their own Christian ancestors — they violate the Fifth Commandment and replace it with their own Satanic traditions.

God created Europeans separately and distinctly from every other race on the planet.  A European is not an African.  A European is not a Chinaman.  A European is not a pygmy, an Eskimo, nor a Mayan.    The Greek language is not the Hebrew language.

Satan has attempted unify mankind since the Tower of Babel.  When God said “spread out across the face of the earth,” rebellious men sought to unify under a monolithic totalitarian government at Babel.  God intervened and caused division by mixing their languages according to bloodlines.  The races of men where forced to  spread out across the face of the earth and become different peoples. 

God is the one who loves diversity and He imposed it upon mankind by creating boundaries and bloodlines, borders and times and languages.  Attempts to erase this diversity are rebellions against God.

The races men are meant to be separate.  The Europeans were separated and uniquely prepared for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They, unlike the Jews, accepted Jesus Christ as King and His Cross adorns their flags.  Other peoples have other symbols on their flags — the Muslims have a moon.  Nations since the atheistic French Revolution tend to have stripes or stars.    Christian nations will have the Cross on their banners.

Europeans must be under no illusions that their subjugation to the Muslim or African or Asian will somehow grant them absolution from accusations against their ancestors — accusations of being European and Christian.  Accusations that should be embraced and born with pride, not shunned and shamed.

Europeans must honor their father and mother by breeding descendants for them.  Europeans must worship the Son of God and be willing to fight and overcome the invaders of their land who are neither Christian nor European.   It is a duty.   It is the calling of this generation.  It is the greatest purpose of all.

God has prepared this generation for war.  God purposely allowed the invader to achieve a measure of success so that this generation would learn war again.  Judges 3:1-2.

Christian pastors and teachers must eschew the creeping Judaism that has invaded and displaced the truth of the Holy Scriptures.

It is a ‘precept of man’ that says “don’t be racist.”
It is a ‘tradition of the elders’ that says “don’t be Islamophobic,”
It is a false morality that says “don’t be sexist.”
It is a manipulation of the devil to preach “don’t be anti-Semitic.” 

The Bible is guilty of all of Satan’s sins.

These are Satan’s laws propagated by his own children — that brood of vipers — that continue to work today.   Are you Christian Pastor, going to scold John the Baptist and Jesus Christ for being “intolerant,” and “divisive” for calling the Judaizers a brood of vipers? (Literally the children of the Serpent).

The morality of the Church has been replaced by the traditions of men.

No wonder the church is powerless today.  It longs to be accepted by the brood of vipers and so has joined that brood of vipers. 

It will be hard to repent of this.  But it is necessary.
It will be hard because then Satan’s children won’t like you any more.

They will call you all kinds of dirty names, like “racist,” and “sexist,” and “intolerant,” and “bigot” and “white supremacist” and “white nationalist,” and a “hater.”

Man up, Pastors.  Put your big boy pants on. Go back and read the book of Matthew and what John the Baptist and Jesus thought about Judaizers and their false moralities. 

Why not go down fighting instead of just giving up? 

This is a clarion call to Pastors who hold to the Word of God and yet find themselves wondering what is missing, and where the power went. 

The power is there, but it is dangerous.
It was dangerous to John.
It was dangerous to Jesus.
It was dangerous to Peter and Paul and the disciples.
It was dangerous to the Saints in Hebrews 11.
It is risky.  But life goes by way too fast not to be risky.

You don’t get a pass on this one. This is your calling — it is the calling of your generation.  You must take this stand on this issue.  You must reject the ‘precepts of men.’  Stop trying to ‘not be racist,’ and ‘not be sexist’ and ‘not be intolerant.’

Yes, the demons of hell will attack you when you free your own mind from the shackles of the traditions of men.  You will be hated by all men on account of His Name and preaching His Word.   Freedom begins by freeing the mind — repentance —  you must free yourself from the traditions of the elders that the Judaizers preach. It is not from God.

Does anyone hate you now?  No? Why are trying so hard to make the brood of vipers happy?  Be bold. Live a little.  Goose the goat and get him upset.  You are pretty much worthless right now anyway.

I see a lot of very large churches that are very happy and doing well.  Their evangelism has not changed or challenged our culture at all — they win by joining Christ’s enemies. 

And I see many small churches that barely make it.  They do all they can just to hang on and they don’t dare lose what they have by saying something “controversial.”

Both churches have it wrong, but only the little church has the ability to change.  There is no hope for the big church — they won’t change because it will cost them too much.

For the little churches I ask “what do you have to lose? Your cowardice?”  Go out in style.  You don’t owe Satan any respect at all.  You don’t owe him any bending of the knee to his moral code.  Christian are more afraid of offending the devil than they are of offending God because the devil will never forgive them. This is wrong.

Our back is up against the wall.  We have disarmed ourselves. The slaughter has already begun.

Fighting back means a resurrection of God and faith and blood.   We are called to build Christian nations — bloodlines — and it starts with our own.  There is no Christianity without Christian nations.   Deracination is the devil’s work — it creates a truly lonely individual with no power to resist the Babel-onian onslaught of global homogenization. Blood and faith and patriarchy and land and language all are components of resisting the onslaught of the Judaizers, the children of the devil.

What I have tried to do in is express a Christian theology based upon the Hebrew and Greek writings.    Read through these pages and see.  It is revolutionary.  They are coming for you, church.  Arm yourselves.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
28 February 2020

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