Is God a “Racist?”

Good meaning people scrunch up their face and wonder why I attack the “racism” racket.  They wonder why it matters.

But it does matter – here  is why:

On the Judgement Day, God there are two kinds of blood:
1) the Blood of Jesus Christ
2) the blood of corruption, the seed of the serpent.

God prefers his own bloodline, through His Son.

The ultimate aim of the racism racket is to accuse God of a false sin.   This is why Satan and his children (the seed of the serpent) cannot  give up this argument.  Satan knows that God discriminates based on blood and the devil wants to make that a sin.  And this is why Christians absolutely must reject “racism” as a legitimate term.

To believe that “we are all one” is to reject Genesis 3:15 and Matthew 23:33 where God divides us based upon bloodlines.   If we are all one, then why preach the Gospel at all?  And that is were many Christians find themselves.

Fighting the racism racket does not win points from anyone I know,   especially in a Church that is so eager to avoid the Accuser’s wrath.   

Is God a “racist?”  You want to accuse God?  Careful, now.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
20 March 2020

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