No Christianity Without Christian Nations

It is apparent that there can be no Christianity without Christian
Nations.  The Gospel Jesus Christ is incapable of existing as a co-equal “religion” with other “religions,” including the religion that now dominates the secular West, which is very much a religion (faith, philosophy, worldview) with its own priestly and prophetic caste (the University Professors) along they their evangelists (the mass media) and teachers (public school indoctrinators). It is a religious as any other religion, yet so dominant people don’t even see it as a religion.  

In 1300, no European was aware that he was a “Roman Catholic,” he was just a man that lived in those times — so to say that he was a Christian was not a distinguishing factor in those times. All were.  Unfortunately secularism has become just as dominant in the West today.

Christianity can expand.  And Christianity can contract.  But it cannot exist steady state as a co-equal among lies such as Islam,  Judaism, or Secularism. 

Secularism pretends to be a neutral ground within which other religions can play. This is a deception.  The blindness of the Church is that it has acceded to the demands of the secular religion that it (Christianity) play the role of a voluntary accessory that individuals can adopt onto a chassis of atheism.   Christianity becomes an ice cream topping, a caramel or chocolate flavor on the base substance.  

Any observer of the course of American history should patently see how Christianity was strong at its foundation and virtually worthless today.  Once up on a time it played the singular role of influencing public policy. Today many in the Church — preachers included — renounce the idea that Christianity should play any role in forming public policy.

The salt that has become flavorless is worthless and is cast out and trampled under the foot of man.  No clearer description of today’s church in American can be found. For all our religiosity, we make zero impact on the society around us.  Rather, the secular religion has flavored the Church.

There is more than one reason for this, but there are a couple of key reasons.

Reason #1 is Bad Theology: The Church has succumbed to the idea that its fight is for a soul here or there before escaping a lost world.  It is an absurd reductionism.

Reason #2: The accommodation of Lies in our Society by the Church, which is directly related to Reason #1.  Atheism is a Lie. Evolution is a Lie. The French Revolution and the idea of a secular “religionless” society is a lie the church accommodated because it has been easier to go along than fight it.  And part of that reason is the Preachers have bad theology.

All this is directly related to the perception of the Hebrew Scriptures as “Old,” and the Greek Scriptures as “New.” Then, bad theology is ascribed to an entire body of Holy Scripture, namely, that the idea that  an “Old” scripture was replace by the “New” Scripture. This is an anti-Christ theology.    Jesus Christ is the Word of God. He was in the beginning with God and was God, and through Him all things were created.  Jesus — the Word of God — isn’t old and new.  His Word is one, from Genesis to Revelation.  In His very first Sermon, Jesus told the world that he did not come to to away with the Law. 

The Hebrew Scriptures by and large focus on building nations — entire bloodlines — and the application of God’s Law (the Ten Commandments) to said nations.  The nation of Israel (not today’s anti-Christ Israel) was to be a light to all the Nations — they would see a blessed bloodline and inquire as to how they served God.

The Greek Scriptures — European — focus largely in personal
conversion — a New Birth — into the bloodline of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Here the Ten Commandments are not done away with — rather they are engraved on the heart of the believer.   Never, ever, are the Commandments nor the Hebrew Scriptures abandoned.

The Hebrew Scriptures describe God’s Covenant for the nations (the bloodlines).  It is based upon social, corporate obedience to the Ten Commandments.   The Ten Commandments were delivered to an entire nation. They are not rules of personal morality — they are the common social law for a society. Respect the Sabbath. Honor your parents.  Do not steal, kill, nor slander.  As a matter of public policy, God the Creator (Jesus Christ) is honored as supreme over all in all public affairs.  Pagan and foreign gods should not even be mentioned in such a society and they certainly were not to welcome pagan religions or people into their community.   

Anti-Christ ideology and anti-Christ immigration has no place in a Christian society.

It will remain my purpose to teach this and explain this and advocate for explicitly Christian Nation/States.  The Nation is the Bloodline as is primary. It is the people.  The state is a tool of the people to manage it’s society — but it is not the embodiment of society.  

This project of building Christian Nations logically starts with the European nations, especially those nations whose banner still sports the Cross of the Saviour, from Greece to Finland.   This is where the Church must go if it is to survive.   It cannot apologize for this and it must not seek to “accommodate” anti-Christ ideas, such as atheism or the “neutrality” of the state.  This is far bigger than objecting to sodomy — it is a demand to bring discipline to the Nations.  

In Jesus Christ,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
26 March 2020

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