Video: Covenant For The Nations

The Covenant For The Nations is the heart of my conception of Christian Nation-States.

A Christian Nation-State is not a bunch of people who “believe” in Jesus; a Christian Nation-State is a homogenous bloodline (the nation) who have chosen the Ten Commandments as the social law for their government (the state).  This is a social/philosophical compact between a bloodline (a nation) and the Creator of that bloodline.  The terms of the Covenant are the Ten Commandments.  The nation that obeys, corporately, the Ten Commandments will be blessed.  The Nation that rejects the Ten Commandments, and the Author of the Ten Commandments — Jesus Christ, will be cursed.

The Ten Commandments are fundamental in understanding all of the Hebrew scriptures and the Greek Scriptures.  The prophets pronounced judgements not out of thin air, but based upon Deuteronomy 28.

The Greek (European) scriptures reveal a new covenant which writes the Ten Commandments into the heart of a man so that he can obey God.  Never were the Ten Commandments rejected. Never where the Ten Commandments a means for individual salvation.  But when a man is “born again,” those Commandments are written on his heart.

The Cross of Jesus Christ is emblazoned on Scandinavian flags.  This is their first clue to national salvation. As it is, Sweden is on the path of national suicide.  They must realize that the Creator fashioned their bloodline — He made them a people and a nation — and they are worth fighting for and defending.

I pray they wake up and turn to the Captain of the Lord’s Hosts.

BONUS: I wrote this Bible Study  in the 1980s   (The contact information is way out of date. Leave a comment if you would like to contact me.)

Fritz Berggren, PhD
17 April 2020

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