Do We Live in a Totalitarian Society?

In the land of the free and the home of the brave there are few free and brave men.   We run to accept the acceptable, and yearn for the adulation of our peers.  We are horrified when someone says something out of fashion. 

I have made a few videos, now.  Some are a esoteric — the philosophy of language.  Others swim against the moral tide of our culture.

Those close to me warn me — “Don’t say that.  You’ll lose your job.”  

I don’t know if that is true or not.  But I will say what I must say. 

How do they know I will lose my job?  The problem with millions of Americans  is that they stop right there — they won’t say what needs to be said just out of the fear of possible economic loss.  And of social shaming; they know that will happen.  That is the ultimate form of social and political control — control without gulags.  

You just need a regime of fear in which people think they might lose social prestige and their jobs.  So they don’t speak the truth.  But they know that is cowardice, so they justify the status quo.  This creates their own mental prison;  they should from behind the bars, “I am free!”  This is the  controlled political narrative.  They are the problem.

But what if someone does lose a job? Like college professors.  Like University presidents.  Or hourly workers who “offend” someone in a  protected category.

Then the answer is that we really do live in a totalitarian country and we need to speak out more, not less.  If we live in a totalitarian society, then admit it.  Admit that there is no freedom of speech. Admit that we are subjective to thought control and that the punishment for aberrance will be social ostracism and loss of economic opportunity.  

Admit that we are not the land of the free. 

You can be brave.  Maybe you are not one of the the sheep.   Speak up. Challenge them.  If they are a totalitarian regime and they come after you then you’ve done the right thing by speaking out.   If they do nothing — if they are a paper tiger — then you are brave and may inspire others. Maybe the world changes for the better.  

Silence guarantees that the totalitarians win.

Speaking up will prove either that we live in a free country, or that we were right to speak up in the first place.    Life is short.  Make a difference.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
24 April 2020

PS: Here are some Englishmen who are brave.  They speak up. Some go to jail.  They are no longer free.   Where stand you?  


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