My People — White People. I Love Us.

It is the duty of an intellectual to describe his society and hold up a mirror for us to see ourselves, not just the Good, but the Crazy.  I have the privilege of having more education than 99.9% of anyone on earth.  And with that comes a responsibility to use it wisely and for good.  Not for comfort nor gain.  Dissent is a sacred duty when it is required.  Today it is required.


I owe my family my life — my complete and utter dedication.  That is what makes me whole.  A man who has never born the cross of raising a family — from birth through at least the early years of independence — is no more complete than a woman who has never borne and nursed a child.  It is against nature.

I am not just an individual.  To insist that I am only an individual is to truncate my humanity.   No man can be whole by himself.  Even God said “It is not good for man to be alone — I will make a helper suitable for him.”  A family makes a man more whole, but still not complete. 

A man needs a bloodline.  God called Jacob to birth a nation — his descendants became a nation in Egypt.  And though born in Egypt, the Hebrews were never Egyptians.  God never wanted them to be Egyptians — he sent them there to become non-Egyptians.  

  Nationalism is borne of God.   Hatred of Nationalism is born of Satan.   God wants nations, plural. Nations are disunited, separate, different and purposely incompatible – that is why God gave the different bloodlines different languages.  This is why He intervened at Babel and drove the bloodlines apart.  He enforced division and incompatibility through language barriers and then geographic distance. 

I praise men who hold allegiance to their nation — their bloodline.  The Jews are famous for this.  They are one of the very few bloodlines that have their own ethno-state; they have engraved the principle of an ethnically homogenous nation/state into their laws.   American Indian tribes divide not only on the tradition of being “indigenous,” but also on fealty to a language and to a land, which separates the different North American Indian Nations.  Admittance to the nation/state of an Indian nation is not open — they reject the idea of “civic nationalism.”  Blood ties are required.  

It is a falsehood to claim we are all one. My family is not your family. You and I are not one.  Don’t insult either one of us to say differently. 

Same for our extended families — our kin.  Nationalism is beautiful.  The differences are beautiful.  And they cannot be preserved by forcing us all to be “one.”  

The only extended nation on the planet that are actively denied the right to be proud and protective of their bloodlines are the Europeans.  We are called “racists” just for being White — full stop — there is no need to go any further on this.  To be White is to be equated with this society’s  incarnation of evil (Hitler).  One does not need to do, be, or say anything beyond being White to be evil in the opinion of this generation’s religious leaders (who are the University professors).  This is so patently obvious that even White people go to extremes to show that they are “not White.”  

Imagine a Black community, or Mexican community, or Native American Community who make mental and moral contortions to demonstrate that they really are not Black or Mexican or Native.  The moral outrage from Whites would exceed the entire global capacity for moral outrage. But somehow we are producing generations of White youth  who are ashamed of being White. They are humiliated for being White (“White privilege!”) and then dehumanized if they showed the kind of racial pride that every other race on the planet is expected to have. This is a sick an unviable condition.  It is not possible for this to last unless White’s are exterminated.   It is the hypocrisy of hatred toward Whites and the invention of unforgivable sins (like being White) that make this such a sick and twisted mission.  This self-flagellation is a burden no other people on the planet are asked to bear.  White people must reject it.

We must become self-consciously proud of our ancestors — honoring one’s ancestors is the
Fifth Commandment.   We honor them by preserving our bloodline, protecting it, keeping our own land, and writing great stories of our people.  Forever.  And never being ashamed of our ancestors.  That is a crime worse than murder, for it is the murder of the past and the future — it is worse than the crime they call genocide.  

And this is the war waged today against my people. White people. Europeans.

I dare any White man to say this: “My people — White people — Europeans. I love my ancestors. I love us.”     

Why are you the only race not permitted the right to honor our Father and Mother?  

Enough.  Time to rebel.  Time to reject self hatred. Time to recognize those who hate us.  

For the honor of our ancestors and the existence of their descendants.  

For the honor of our God.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
27 April 2020


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