Fat White Girl from Minnesota

Nothing wrong with being fat, sorta.  Nothing wrong with being  White. Or a Girl. Or from Minnesota.

I used to live on the Island of Hispaniola.  It hosts two countries, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  There were  fat White girls from Minnesota who went to Haiti on missions trips.  And they just loved the “Haitian people.”  

I don’t know why.  Was it because they were ashamed to love their own people?  Was that not permitted?  

Have they ever, in their life, said “I love the White people?”  Ever?? Or is that the only forbidden affection — for Whites to love Whites?

Whites are socially rewarded for loving not-their-own.  For Whites to love the most non-White — like Haitians — is to earn the maximum moral points possible. So Fat-White-Girl-from-Minnesota just loves the Haitian people.  She spends a month doing a summer mission trip and earns her morality points.  She wears that badge for the rest of her life to prove she is “not racist.”  

That’s a horrible way to live — to have to prove that you love another family more than your own.

There is something wrong with her parents.  And her school and her church.  They inculcated a moral climate that rewarded the rejection of her own people over another — this is the rejection of the Fifth Commandment.  

When Jesus Christ battled the Jews, the ground he chose to fight on was over the Fifth Commandment.  The Jews demanded obedience to “the traditions of the elders.” Jesus said, “Honor your father and mother.”  

The Church, largely, has enforced the “traditions of the elders” over the Fifth Commandment.  It glorifies the rejection of one’s White ancestors just like the Jews rewarded the betrayal of one’s parents.   

This is not right.  Teaching people to reject the Ten Commandments is evil.
Elevating the traditions of men over God’s commandment is evil.

If Fat-Whte-Girl-From-Minnesota can truly say “I love my own White people,” then go ahead and love the others.  But until you can love your own, and honor your ancestors, you have a warped relationship with  yourself and your people, and that will affect your relations with every other people.

And this applies to the whole of the European peoples. Love  ourselves.  Only then can we form healthy and non-abusive relations with others.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
24 April 2020

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