Christian Violence IV: A Manifesto for Christian Nation-States

There is a time for peace.
And there is a time for war.
There is a time to live.
There is a time to die.
There is a time to sit down.
There is a time to stand up.

It is time to stand up.

We are a Christian people.  We have our own King, Jesus Christ.  We, like the Puritans and Pilgrims, recognize the impossibility of Christianity without Christian nation-states.  

We want many Christian nation-states. We support all  bloodlines in their quest for their own Christian Nation-State.

We are one in Jesus Christ;  but we are not one in our father’s bloodlines, nor are we one in geography or languages or customs. These divisions are good in God’s eyes.

We recognize the bablylonian impulse to mix bloodlines. This weakens us and forces us to fight for racial and Christian survival under unfavorable conditions. We reject this.  We reject the mixing of bloodlines and understand that this mixing is untenable in the long run ( the feet of Nebuchnezzar’s Statue at Babel).  We reject the accusation that none of us have pure blood — that is is a red herring.  We recognize that the world is better when peoples do not mix — it is like iron mixing with clay.  We recognize that from the beginning it was God’s purpose to distinguish the bloodlines and give them their own land and time and boundaries (Acts 17:26).  We respect God’s purpose and we honor or parents by continuing their bloodlines. 

We recognize that the Babylonian impulse of mixing peoples is ultimately an insult to every people, every race, every nation, every bloodline and every language. It insults all of us, and implies we are all  unworthy of existence because it demands that we dishonor our Father and Mother and lose our identity as distinct nations. This is foul. 

 This is an existential issue — for all bloodlines.  Some have been better at resisting it — but the European peoples seem to have been seduced by the seed of the Serpent — those hypocrites — into diluting their own peoples while the others imposing this false doctrine preserve their own.

We reject the false guilt.  We do not apologize.  We carry on.  We will be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth of the Image of God, the Christ-bearers.  

There is no reason to apologize for pursuing Christian nation-states with our own kith and kin; this is as natural and God-given as the calling of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They were to be a unique people and not mix with others even when it was forced (in Egypt).  They remain our  role model.  And we recognize that Jews rejected the faith of the Patriarchs and went their own way.

When mankind rebelled — at Babel — and purposely mixed the peoples — it was God the Creator who forced segregation by giving them diverse tongues and driving them into their own lands.

This principle of segregation is re-inforced under the Greek Scriptures when the “gift of tongues,” — of all the different nations — was manifested.  Christian were not magically given one common tongue — the God-created division was re-spoken.   The Apostles were not tasked with rebuilding Babel —  combining the nations — they were to go to the nations, wherever they were, and bring that nation under discipline (Matthew 28:18-20).  Should those households/nations reject the gentle message of the Gospel, they were to shake the dust off their feet and depart.  It is as simple as that.  

This is not by any means a hatred of “other” peoples — we have no emotional energy to waste on hatred.  Rather, it is respect for other peoples— we are not the same, we are not equal, we are different and unique and each nation/bloodline is worthy of preserving as unique. The Babylonian project is to erase those distinctions — to blend us all as one.  The natural and healthy distancing of one race for another is a built in social anti-body — it preserves us all from universal infections and universal death.  No race/bloodline is void of the preference for their own — it is God mandated. And to the extend this is suppressed (as the Europeans have suppressed it more than any other people) is to weaken the body and prepare us for destruction.  

In the Jews it is strongest — they hate others, have their own ethnic nation state, foment racial strife in countries not their own, and then condemn White Christians for standing up for themselves. They remain, as in Christ’s time, the hypocrites.  Europeans must shed the guilt and accusation they bear.

They lie, they deceive, and they destroy when the claim they are “for diversity.” No lie could be greater — forcing all the bloodlines together destroys the uniqueness of each nation/bloodline.  And of specific  concern to the Christian: Global homogenization destroys the expression of a Christian bloodline; this is its ultimate purpose, this is the project of Babel, this is the project of Satan.

That the Europeans peoples uniquely embraced the discipline of all Christ commanded (from Genesis to the Revelation) is glorious. This is the greatest gift from our ancestors and we are to honor or Fathers and Mothers by carrying it on.

We recognize that Arabs are not Germans.
We recognize that Somalis are not Spaniards.
We recognize  the differences of all nations (bloodlines/races).

We recognize that each bloodline has the potential to serve Jesus Christ, and that each bloodline, if it so chooses, may adopt His Covenant.  If so,  every bloodline (nation) will express their Christian culture and laws  differently just like different denominations and nations do, just like different congregations do.  

 We embrace those difference under the rulership of the King Jesus Christ.

We do not boast of a false morality of “diversity” whose true aim is the destruction of European peoples and Christianity.  

As the current order falls apart (Daniel 2:34-35), e embrace the return of peoples a more natural order where the bloodlines (created by God) can uniquely express themselves on the face of the earth without submitting to unworkable human traditions that force a false and untenable uniformity.

We recognize that not all nations will serve Jesus Christ.  The Jews established their rebellion from the time of Christ;  they murdered Him and declared “no king but Ceasar.”  We seek not to correct that choice other than the gentle testimony of our nations and words.  But we can have no nation and no testimony if we submit to the global project of homogenization (Babel redux).  

Rather, Christian peoples will resist fiercely their anti-Christ agenda.  They may have their place and their laws — but they can never be ours.

We will resist to the death the imposition of an anti-Christ order on our children.  We do not owe “rights” and comfort to the anti-christs when our King is slandered,  his laws defiled, and our bloodline destroyed.   For our children’s sake, we will create our own Christian Nation-States with all the privileges and prerogatives of any nation state on earth, including armed forces.

It seems risable that some — the South Sudanese come to mind — are encouraged to form their own nation/state with all the prerogatives of government while strong European Christian peoples are not only denied this right but are actively attacked for even considering this right.  And the strength of European peoples (there are more than one) is systematically undermined through mass immigration, the suppression of Christianity, and the forced imposition of alien laws and customs (from Islam to atheism).

We reject this. We reject the institutional hypocrisy  of encouraging in others what is denied to European Christians. We see it for what it is — the Serpent’s attempt to wipe out the seed of the woman.  

For the brood of vipers, war against European Christians is their own righteous and justified holy war against evil.

For Christians, sired of European fathers and mothers, it is a holy and righteous cause to preserve our descendants — our nation.  Our examples are as long as Hebrews 11.  

It is a time to stand.  We honor our Fathers and Mothers by preserving Christian races who have sworn allegiance to Jesus Christ; no greater calling exists than to sacrifice for the next generation.  But there can be no next generation if our highest moral standard is pleasing the seed of the Serpent.

Wake up, brothers.  We are in Christ, and we are the European Sons of Japeth.  Honor your Father and Mother.

In the Name of The Cross, in the Name of Jesus Christ,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
3 May 2020
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