Christian Violence V: Theory

(This is a long post.)


Freedom, for the Christian, does not begin with the world agreeing with the Resurrection of Jesus Christ —  it begins with Christians ridding themselves from the ideas of the anti-Christs, ideas of what they think Christianity should be.  They think “true” Christianity is pacifistic, all forgiving, “loving,” docile, non-controversial, willing to get along, compromising; all in all, making no serious claim to truly influence the world we live in.

This chapter intends to disabuse the Christian of a pacifist God.

  • Abram was called of God to be a father of many bloodlines/nations.   He had his own well trained militia of 318 men. This was not ceremonial — he waged war.  He was prepared to wage war before he needed to wage war.  And when the moment came, he went forth to defend his bloodline. And this mean killing men not of his bloodline.  It was after he defeated his enemies that Melchizedek appeared and blessed him and blessed “God most high who has delivered hour enemies into your hand.”  

  • There is no more blood may in the Bible than King David. He was so bloody that he was not even permitted to build the temple of God. He killed tens of thousand.  In just one minor war, David killed 22,000 Arameans.     Yet this is the man whom God said is a man after his own heart.  Jesus Christ is known as the son of David.
  • Jesus never told the Roman soldiers to give up their warrior ways.
  • Jesus never disavowed violence.  He prevented his disciples from fighting in the garden of Gethsemene even thought he commanded them to bring swords.  Why? Because the Christ had to die.  
  • Jesus Christ is the Captain (Leader) of the Lord’s Host (Angelic armies)
  • Jesus has the keys to death and hell.
  • It is God who sends the bowls of wrath and the angel of death, not the devil.
  • Jesus Christ is appointed Judge of every soul and that those whose name is not written in the book of life shall be thrown into the Lake of Fire which was made for the devil and his angels.

For a Christian to say, “God is against violence,” and then believe in an eternal hell for unbelievers, is willful self deception.

 If God destroyed the earth in the flood — the why does a Christian eschew violence as a moral principle?  Is the Christian morally superior to Jesus Christ? Has the “Christian,” like the Jew, elevated the ‘precepts of men’ over the Word of God?  That is the path to hell.

 Church leaders today have been lead astray, willingly.  They created a theology that divided the Word of God into “Old” and “New” and rejected the “old” for the “new.”  This is wrong.

God never called one section of scripture old and another new.  Christ’s first sermon warned the Church not to do away with the Law or the Prophets.  Christ only quoted the Hebrew Scriptures.  The Greek scriptures are based upon the legitimacy of the Hebrew Scriptures. There is no scriptural example anywhere that gives a Christian preacher the right to reject  the Hebrew Scriptures.

But because of bad theology (calling the Hebrew Scriptures “old,” and the Greek scriptures “new” and then using Hebrews 8:13 to imply wrongly that one set of scriptures replaced another we find ourselves deceived.

It is not just faulty theology. It is a weakness in the Church that causes us to yearn for acceptance from the seed of the Serpent when we should recognize and accept the eternal enmity between the two (Genesis 3:15) 

The Seed of the Serpent, Babylon, and world system, all demand that Christ’s followers be stripped on any claim whatsoever to influence and shape the world around them — they demand that we abandon the Great Commission, which is by no means limited to the saving of a few souls.  We are to bring discipline to the nations teaching them all that Christ commanded (From Genesis to Revelation).  

They insist that Christians be peaceful and docile and non-violent and submissive to the earthly powers.  We can pray silently, or we can pray in private (but never publicly!). We can hold services in private church buildings, but we can never demand that our own governments respect the Law of God and never, ever can we pray in the Name of Jesus Christ our King in any of the forums of our own government! 

Church leaders have only been too happy to comply; the covet the  admiration of the Seed of the Serpent.  They are friends of the world.  And, so,  the sheep are lead astray.

No more.  We must stop that.

Christians need to understand that the Hebrew Scriptures remain today as authoritative as the Greek scriptures.  Yet, there are many pastors in the United States who have public renounced the Hebrew scriptures — they are wrong. 

There is no excuse for this. If they are men of God, they would know better than to reject the Word of God.    Once you go down this road, you are no more that a civic religion, a supporter of anti-Christs,  devoid of the ability fulfill the Great Commission.  When you replace the Word of God with the precepts of men, you become an enemy of Jesus Christ.

Violence is not anti-Christian.

It is hilarious that people armed with guns and armies and weapons (local politicians, the state government, the national government, and the United Nations) would demand that Christians be disarmed, pacified, and subjugated. Unfortunately, that is what has happened. 

“You should know your place,” they say.  “Go do your thing, but recognize that we have the ultimate power.  If you are a good Christian, you must remain unarmed and submit to and obey us.”   

And so we please our anti-Christ masters and think we are doing God’s work.  Enough.  

If you say, “Paul said to obey the earthly rulers,” then ask yourself why he disobeyed them so much? Was he not scourged three times, beaten, and thrown in prison?  Why? Because is refused to submit and obey.  The earthly rulers have zero legitimacy if they are rebels against our King and we own them no more obedience that Jesus Christ or Paul gave them.

They fear deeply our message. And that’s why they want to demonize it by calling it “racist,” and “Islamophic,” and “intolerant,” and “homophobic,” and “racist.”

By there definition, it is all of those things. Salvation comes only for a specific bloodline — the Blood of Jesus Christ.  Christian must reject their narrow minded morality and utterly reject the legitimacy of their moral code.

  • We owe them no more obedience that Gideon gave the Phillistines.
  • We own them no more obedience that Elijah gave to the prophets of Baal.
  • We owe them no more obedience than Samson gave to the Philistines.
  • We own them no more obedience that David gave to Goliath.
  • We owe them no more obedience that Samuel gave to Agag.

Samuel rebuke King Saul — his own king — for failing to kill King Agag.  Because Saul sought to please the seed of the Serpent, he was found unworthy of remaining king.  The Church out to keep that in mind. 


I have lived in many parts of the world and have never lived anywhere where violence was not a permanent condition of that people and culture and government. Today I live in the most wonderful and peaceful of countries. It is safe.  But underneath the velvet glove is an iron fist. The religious government — devout — will bring out tanks and guns to suppress “dissent” when it is required. There is no question about this — and no one questions the morality of this (except those getting crushed, of course).

I lived in a country once, whose government  used the most vicious street gang in the world to murder its political opponents.  No one said a thing about it.  Not even the relatives of the dead because they would be dead soon after.

I lived in yet another  country where the political party of the largest cities used street thugs to attack and beat those from another political party.  That government turned a blind eye to the violence — and even encouraged it.  

That was in the United States.  Big city mayors supported Anti-Fa in word and deed. State representatives of the Democrat party have been known to wear anti-Fa lapel pins.

This is not a problem that is coming — it is already here. 


Abram did not train his militia after the problem started — he was prepared before his people were attacked. 

It is not a matter of tools or tactics, it is the deep acceptance that violence in this world is non-optional.  Even those who reject violence expect a men of violence (the police) to rescue them when called.  Even the most “pacifistic” churches and organizations never hesitate to call men of violence (the police) when it is in their interest to do so.  

Weakness is in the mind.  And I write that we may fortify our minds.  

The anti-Christs have already steeped themselves in violence (from Anti-Fa to the very well armed police and military forces).  For them to lecture down to Christians and tell them we  cannot be armed is more than a violation of the Bill of Rights, it is pure hypocrisy. What gives them a different set of laws than us?

There is not a Democrat or Republican politician  that has disarmed the police or renounced their own body guards, no matter how “anti-gun” they claim to be. They are hypocrites — they are anti-violence for you, but pro-violence for themselves. They want a monopoly of violence — that ideas is inherently anti-Christian (as well as un-Constitution). 

There are political scientists who will tell you that a government by definition is that organization with a monopoly on violence.  But the U.S. Constitution very specifically rejects that premise — the Bill of Rights recognizes and enshrines the principle that all be armed — it is never to be an exclusive prerogative of the “government.” This is the right of all —  but only if we insist on it.

Bureaucracies (your government) are driven by the fundamental motive of increasing their own power in any way possible.  And that means citizens must cede power.

The arming and training of independent militias will  NOT be the cause of civil strife should it come  — it may very well prevent civil war.  Governments are to fear their people — not the other way around. When “we the people” are well armed and well-trained and outside of the control of the government, then society has a healthy white-blood-cell count against the every present virus of totalitarianism.

This does not mean armed MS-13 will live in peace with an armed Michigan Militia.  Far from it.   A peaceful state and nation require internal harmony and homogeneity — it is completely against human nature to expect Muslims and Atheists to live in peace.  The Muslims know this — the French still don’t quite understand.


The principle of self preservation should enlighten Christians as to why the police won’t be there to help them in a time of dire emergency. Should foreigners invade our country (like in Sweden) the police will protect themselves first. They won’t show up until the violence is over.  The is perfectly natural. It is reality. Do not condemn your police forces for acting on the principle of self-preservation — their first priority is to return home to their own families.   And this is why EVERY man must be prepared, mentally and physically, to to defend their blood and faith.

Government’s primary motive is to protect itself and it it’s own power.  Power is not to be entrusted to “the people.”   They fear armed men who they do not control. They fear “free speech” from men they don’t control.  And they work hard to suppress it.

Christians have a fundamental responsibility for continuing the faith in Jesus Christ and that cannot be done if they are wiped out,  or if their descendants are converted to other   religions.   

There can be no Christianity without Christian Nation-States. 

God is not against violence. Violent governments are against a powerful Christianity.  They demand that weapons be borne only in defense of the various anti-Christ expressions in this world, from a atheistic American religion (led by their own priests and prophets) to the Muslim religion.   

This is why, of course, atheists hate Victor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary who said  “Hungarians have given us a directive on three things: first of all, to stop immigration across Europe; they’ve tasked us to defend the Europe of nations; and they’ve tasked us to defend Christian culture in Europe.”  

This is beautiful.  


All this is theory. I know nothing of the practice of violence. 

 The world would have a Christianity without a judgement day, an eternity without a hell, and a morality without consequence. That is not the nature of our Creator.   If the world does not know this, then Christian’s must proclaim it.   But we have to believe it first. 

It is the world that wants Christianity to be weak and passive; Christians have been too  willing to please the world in order to win their praise.    The non-Christians (many of whom claim to be Christian) think “true” Christianity is pacifistic, all forgiving, “loving,” docile, non-controversial, willing to get along, compromising. 

Christ defied the rulers of the world. He wasn’t crucified because he was “tolerant,” He was crucified because he was a threat to their political power.  

Violence is.  God uses violence. The devil uses violence. The seed of the Serpent uses violence. There is no Biblical proscription against violence in-and-of-itself — that is a ‘precept of men’ that they impose on Christians but will not obey themselves.

Many ‘Christians’ lose their faith because they will not accept a God who sends men into an eternal hell.   It is too much for them.  And that is OK.  If they have departed, then were never from us from the beginning.  

Prepare yourself.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
6 May 2020

PS: Christian Violence, Part VI is forthcoming. We will talk about civil war, the requirement for Christian generations to learn war, the Reconquest of Christian Spain, and the nature of Christ’s rule — with a rod of iron.  What are you willing to die for? What are you willing to kill for? The questions are the flip side of the same coin.  Christ died for you. One day he will kill for you.  Where do you stand now? You only have this life to demonstrate your loyalty to the King. Is He your King? He is calling you.  It is time to stand.


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