Proud and Christian Nations

Proud and Christian Nations

Just to let you know, you can subscribe to both the Youtube and Podcasts that I am offering.  It is a different format than writing and I am enjoying it very much.

Here are some things to know about what I am doing.

First, I am a Christian.  Unapologetically so.  Especially the parts of Christianity that make people upset.

I am not a feed-the-poor-and-God-loves-everyone Christian. Christians who pose as such fear the world and crave their acceptance.   They don’t do this out of conviction or sacrifice — they do it to avoid sacrifice and pose their morality.

It is impossible to read the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures and not come to the conclusion that they promote everything that the Politically-Correct crowd hates.  The Bible is against the religion-of-the-world.  Elijah and Samuel and Jesus Christ and John the Baptist all would oppose the religious leaders (your college professors) of today.

They would all be cast out of the modern synagogues/university campuses.

I cannot think of a sacred cow that the holy scriptures do not gore and undermine:

  • Homosexuality (trans-genderism and all that).
  • Anti-Semitism
  • Nationalism
  • Blood-based Identity
  • Patriarchy

In  the issues above — Jesus Christ — the Word of God — is on the wrong side of every one of them in the eyes of the world.  Read my Archive.

So I lay it all out in my writings. And now my videos and podcasts.

As this current global empire collapses — and I believe it is collapsing — opportunity arises to build the way we want to build.  But it won’t be easy.  Satan’s minions still will hate us and they will slander and fight and do what they must do to stay in Satan’s good graces.

And Christians have a like duty to fight back and build Christian Nation-States.
It is called the Great Commission.

Many Christians claim to “have a burden” for this or that non-white ethnic group.

Good on them all.  I would remind everyone that the reason the Gospel spread around the world in the first place was because there were strong and proud White Christian nations, from Spain north to Scandinavia. It was the white Spaniards that brought the Gospel to the New World after seven centuries of pushing back the African Moslem. It was the White English missionaries who brought the Gospel to many part of Africa and Asia.

We will never apologize for that.

And will will reclaim and rebuild our European Christian nation-states, the devil-be-damned.

I have an interest in reviving those of European blood. I want white people to return to Jesus Christ their Lord. I want all the European peoples to return once again to the King whose Cross adorns the banners of their nations; from Greece north to Finland, the Cross of Jesus Christ is on our flags.

Let is be proud and and Christian peoples once again.

There can be no Christianity without Christian Nation-States and that is why the White Christian Europeans have been so fiercely under attack.  Faith in Jesus Christ angers the deveil — our destruction  is Satan’s project.

My project is the counter-attack. It is the rebuilding.  If the Christian Spaniards never wearied after seven centuries of pushing back the Muslim then, by God Almighty, what is our excuse? We have none.

In blood and faith,

Fritz Berggren, PhD
22 May 2020

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