It is Time to Matter

Well. Here we are. June 2020 and the barricades have been thrown up in Seattle.  It’s a scene right out of the 1848 revolution in Paris.   What is new is old. What is old is new.

Communists revolution rages.  Democracy leads to totalitarianism.  I am exhausted from watching.  And I am relieved.  This was coming for a long time and at least I don’t have to keep holding my breath.

I’m loathe to explain myself.
I’m too tired to care if someone understands.  It is too late now anyway.

Where from here?

For me, I have made my positions known.  I’m not a “gray man.”  Not my style.   

But not to worry, there is still plenty of spiciness ahead for you, too.  

Talked to someone in a conservative town — they said “things were fine.”  And that’s good.  But things aren’t going to be fine.   

What we have done is sit on our heels and pretended the bogey man was never coming.  And now that it is here we are happy it is in the next town over or the next state over.  I understand why — there is a sense of “what are we going to do anyway?”   And who wants to stress of things that seem so beyond our control?

For me, I owe more to my descendants.  There is no reason the U.S. cannot turn into Venezuela or Cuba or Russia or China. None at all.  The delusions is that this is just “a little thing over there.”

Realize, please there there simply is no opposition to this in any of our institutions.   The President tweets.  Generals object.  Congress kneels.  Mayors march.  The Press claps their hands.  The seeds of the revolution were sown  by the universities.  And the churches — the Churches — they are utterly bewildered at best.

Any voice that speaks other than what is permitted are silenced.  A dean at a university has a job offer revoked because he wasn’t sufficiently woked.  A professor requires protection because he wanted students of all races to have one rule — not one rule for blacks and another for others — how dare he!  “Protestors” call for the death of cops and the murder of whites. Tom Arnold calls for “liberal white men” to bring out their rifles.  Looting, arson, burning and murders are called “protests.”   The police stand down.  

No one believes in anything any more, so no one fights.  Fight for what?

For me, I know what will happen to me.  I know because I know history. I know history in Cuba and Russia and China and Cambodia and Venezuela and Argentina and El Salvador and Eastern Europe and in France.  After the French Revolution the “new men” of Paris roamed the French countryside and raped and killed entire regions of French Catholics.  None of this is new.  None of this is unique.  We are not in “new territory.”

Listen to the rich and famous.  They signal.  They encourage.  Listen to Ophrah.  Listen to CNN.  Listen — they encourage all this.  They know what they are doing.  The pawns — the thugs in the streets — they know they have the blessing of the rich and famous.

The billionaires suppress dissent.  Statues are torn down. Barricades are thrown up.  The Right  is de-platformed and anarchists are platformed.  No one is permitted to speak for the French Catholics from the countryside.  Or the Russian Kulacks.  It is all the same.  Murder will come. This is just the way it is, this isn’t panic, this isn’t drama.  It’s just a repeat of history.  I personally don’t matter — I know that. But I know what is coming and I know where I stand and I know where they stand.  Too late to switch sides. But I knew that going in.  

Curious how in one fell swoop all the old is cast aside and there is barely a whisper.  No one cares that none of this was done with the “consent of the people.”  The “vanguard of the proletariat” speaks for the people and no one dare challenge that.  Again, what is old is new. 

It is open now — all oppositionists are capitalism pigs, imperialists, enemies of the people.  Add now to the list white supremicists or racists. Doesn’t matter. None of the terms was meant to define — all of the terms were meant to target.  They demand “kill those people!” Anyone offering a defense will be hurled into the same Abaddon of condemnation and destruction.

This has been building my entire life.  My introduction was with the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigades on the University of Washington campus.  I would put a $100 wager on a bet that the same characters then are cheering their revolution now on Capitol Hill — gray haired though some may be.

Don’t soothe yourself with the idea that they needed to uncork some steam.  This is how they got to power. They are not giving it up.  No one is even trying to oppose them.  Observe the Democrat party opposition to firearms ownership over the decades and now their support of violent “protestors.” Observe the silence, at best, of the Republicans.   This is not about Floyd — you know that.  They claim it is about “systemic racism.”  In another generation it was about “capitalism,” or “monarchy,” or “imperialism,” or “oppression.”  All fine sounding words stirring up anger and resentment leading to violence and murder and then mass murder.

It is nothing new.  1789. 1848. 1917. 1949. 1959.  Doesn’t matter. The totalitarisms of the Left marches on.

There are only two sides in history.  I always wanted a third option — really. “Conservatism,” an “Libertarianism,” and “pluralistic liberal democracy.”   But as I wrestled with those I was left grasping, as sand slipped through my fingers.  They were illusions — nothing was really there.

There are only two sides in history. The Light and the Dark. Jesus Christ and anti-christ.  This is good thing — things become clear.  No third way.  Neutrality is non-optional. Perhaps you have already chosen. Many have chosen and don’t know they have — they’ll be swept along with the currents of history.

I have chosen quite consciously.  I have a King — His Name is Jesus Christ.   This is a call to rally to Him.  It is time to be brave again.  It is time to matter.  

Fritz Berggren, PhD
12 June 2020


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