Podcast: The Real Haters Are Those Telling You Who to Hate

Two Systems of Government: one for the Democrats, and one for the law abiding “normal” people who want to uphold the constitution.

Who are the real haters? The real haters are the people telling you who to hate.  Organizations who call people “fascist,” and “Nazi,” and “racist,” and “hater” — they are the real haters.  And they don’t stop at words — they are violent and deadly.

Free thyself: Only you can stop your own enslavement.  Mock them when they try to use their “magic” words.

The failure of Christians to stand against the “precepts of men,” and “traditions of the elders.”  This is all a false morality that people like to wear like a badge on their sleeve to show how pious they are — just like the Pharisee who prays around in front of people.

Why are Christians turning to Judaism? (Judaism is Anti-Christ man made morality).

Fritz Berggren, PhD
1 August 2020

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