Jesus Christ —  Our Once and Future King

Having lived most of my life oblivious to schemes of global totalitarianism — unbelieving, skeptical, unwilling — I’m less blind now than I once was.

I have noted how the spirit of Babel is resurrecting to impose its ugly totalitarian rule.  So-called universal values (human values, American values, universal human rights) and the death of local control.  Local control could be mean non-conformity and their  Cult demands no less than total obedience.

For the Libertarian out there (I used to be one ) any support for centralized command and control ought to be anathema.   For the Hippy who wants to be left alone, ditto. For the right-wing, woods-dwelling prepper (cousins to the Hippy) it ought to be the same.

Leave us alone!

I remain inspired by God’s hatred toward centralized control — H e personally intervened and caused and end to the Babel Project (centralized global government and culture). He did this by splitting the nations.  He split the nations by causing them to speak in different tongues. Since the word “nation” derives from the root word as pre-Natal and Post-Natal, it reasons that a nation is a bloodline and ethnic group.  (Genesis 11:1-9)

Imagine that — God enforced racial segregation by causing different bloodlines to speak incompatible languages — the bloodlines were organically divided.  Racial division’s purpose is to thwart the totalitarian enterprise of Babel.  That includes  the ancient Babel,  or today’s drive toward global governance and “universal values.”  

Rebellious man, led by their Evil Lord Satan, would rebuild what God destroyed and would chastise as sinful (“that’s racist!”) any defense of the division of mankind based on organic factors of bloodline, language and territory.   The division of mankind based on bloodline, language, custom, religion and territory is our organic defense against global totalitarianism.  This works for the Zulu and the Afrikaner as well as the Swede and Japanese.  Diversity IS a strength — but we need our own people, land, language, God and culture to survive.  We are NOT all one — the project of global homogenization is fundamental evil and must be resisted.  This is a primary teaching of the Bible. (Genesis 11:1-9)

The Atheist and Liberetarian, the Hippy and the Prepper, Right or Left can all share in this rejection of universalism — we are not all one!  We don’t want to be one.  We want to chart our own paths and our own future with our own lands and customs and tongues and families.

Don’t tell me how to live! Don’t control me.  Stop speaking down to us and chastising us for sins that are not sins (racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queer phobic, interant, divisive and anti-semitic).  We reject your false morality.   Leave us out of your project.

  • Call them the Borg, if you are a Star Trek fan.
  • Call them the Empire, if Stars Wars is your trope.
  • Call them the offworlders imposing their universalism on the Freemen of Dune, if you are a fan of Frank Herberts epic saga of the Spice World.

This is a resonating theme across cultures and generations.    Resistance is not futile — it is honorable.  It is the only way a Free Man can hold his head up high and look into the faces of his yet unborn descendants.  If you cannot fight the Borg then shame is your legacy. 

Our resistance must frustrate the global drive to “save” us from whatever sins are in vogue (mentioned above) and from the illusory ecological catastrophes that will allegedly ensue if we do not submit to their totalitarian nature.  One can be sure that once one ecological catastrophe is solved, another will emerge.  Look how convenient “Covid-19” is for the myriad of totalitarians that would control us.

They prize power over the Bill of Rights. The freedom to assembly peaceable is cast aside like a faded flower — it means nothing to them. Ditto for the freedom of speech, conscience, mind and religion.  

“Shut up and do as you are told,” they say.  “It is for your own good.  You owe it to those around you. Social distance!”

Meanwhile airlines are packed — every seat is full.  Supposedly sick men are rubbing elbows and bellies for hours at a time because . . . it’s important to keep that engine of globalization (jet flights) running.   Riots are OK — masks or no masks — while Church services are forbidden.  Hate speech toward whites is encouraged, but theological defenses of orthodox Christianity are  de-platformed

by the globalist technocratic oligarchies (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc).  

You already live in a totalitarian world.  

Most people in China today, Cuba, North Korea, or the old Soviet Union were satisfied living under a totalitarian regime.  The same is true for those of use living in the United States today.

  • We are OK being told what to do, not matter how ridiculous it is (Wear a mask, social distance, but get on those big jet airlines and rub bellies!).
  • We are OK being told what to say (you MUST prove your anti-racism by endorsing Black Live Matters!).
  • We are OK being told what not to say (“You can’t say that! It’s (pick at least one) racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, queerphobic, xenophobic, intolerant, divisive, anti-semetic!”)
  • We willingly comply with the totalitarian edict of ratting out our neighbors (“See something, say something!”)
  • Sins (racist, etc) can be reported online, anonymously, by moralistic do-gooders snitching on those of us unwilling to live by their code of immorality (racist, et al).

Americas has embraced totalitarianism — we love it!  As long as we have our big screen TVs, our universal basic income (survivable, but never enough to be independent) and someone who will lay a burden of guilt on our backs.  Why do men enjoy being told they are sinners (racist! Sexist!) — Jesus Christ came to set you free from the leaven of the Pharisees.  You don’t need to live that way.

Honor your Father and Mother — reject their moral condemnation.  Be proud of your ancestral line and preserve it into the future.

Reject child abuse — say “Never!” to their program of brainwashing adults and children
into thinking that transsexuality and homosexuality is “normal.” It is not — it is a perversion of who we really are, organically, and it is the destruction of children — it is institutionalized child abuse.

Refuse to turn over your right to self-defense to evil men in distant places (whether in Washington, or at the U.N. in New York, or the Vatican, your local state capital) who look down their pointy self-righteous noses at you while the scheme to crush you under their feet.  Do you see them disarming? No, they keep building the “security” forces — it keeps them secure and you under their thumb. 

Men are required to be men, otherwise they are not me.   Manhood is non-optional. This means making hard choices and hard decisions and making alliances with other hard men who refuse to bend the knee and bow their heads to the builders of the new Babylon.

We have a resistance Leader. He is an off-worlder who came to be one of us.  They murdered him.  And then He rose from the dead.  Only He can lead you to freedom and restore the glory of who your bloodline:  Jesus Christ —  our once and future King.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
7 October 2020

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