People are Content in Slavery

People are content in slavery. They are told what to do. They are provided for. They have an excuse for their condition and lack of ambition.

Slavery remains a condition of the world.  The current “slavery” racket has nothing to due with purchasing of a human assets (property) for which the owner is responsible for the care and feeding.   The asset was purchased, after all, and it takes care and feeding in order to gain a return on the investment.  Perhaps the only except today is the sex-slavery from the Muslims in the Middle East and Africa (Boko Haram).  

Bankers are the modern Slave Owners.  And governments are their equal partners — one does not exist without the other.  Bankers enable to the State to borrow, spend, and tax.  Governments created the right of the banks to collect interests on “assets” they don’t even own.  When a bank “loans” a debtor money, it did not have that money — the government or “Federal Reserve” (a private entity) simply tells the bankers: “you can create debt simply by a book-keeping entry.”  

Normally, lending means  loaning what you own.  A man can lend a shovel, for a while, and then it is returned.  It is real.

Money — modern fiat money — isn’t real. There is no connection between “money” and a real asset, like that shovel, or silver, or gold.  It is based on “trust” or “confidence.”   So one doesn’t need produce a shovel (for example) to land.  It’s just “money,” zeros and ones in a computer system.

And it gets worse.

If a bank is “capitalized” with $1,000,000 of investor assets, it turns out that that bank can then loan out money many times that one million dollars.  This is called “fractional reserve” banking.  So a million dollars may result in a fifty million dollar loan portfolio.

Imagine this: The Banker only has deposits of a million dollars, but it lends  out fifty-million.   The Banker is  earning interest on the fifty million (not the one million that it really owns).   If interest rates are 5% per year, the banks is earning $2.5 Million in interest, every year, on a one million dollar “investment.”  Imagine that.  

Bankers collect interest off of money that they did not have in the first place — it is a financial high-jinks they created in partnership with Governments. 

High rolling “investors” know how to work the system — they either become Bankers, or they become huge borrowers who role over the debt to the next sucker in line.  And if they can’t pay, they declare bankruptcy but, unlike normal people, they only loose what was pledged in the corporation — all of their personal wealth is shielded because, technically, the corporation owned the money, not the individual business owner.

Average people can’t do this — we are tied, personally, to our debt.  So when be “buy” a house, we really aren’t buying a house so much as entering into a personal bondage agreement — slavery —  indentured servitude.  And unlike the Hebrew Scriptures which arranged for debt to be wiped clean every so many years (seven, or fifty) the modern indentured servitude has slim chance of leaving bondage in his lifetime.   

A man’s debt/bondage/slavery/servitude can be bought and sold by others.  You may owe one bank your slavery, but they can sell your debt slavery to other banks or “investors.”

The totalitarian system markets this slavery as “freedom” and “wealth” and “prosperity” because you can touch and feel a shiny object in front of you. But it is no less slavery. It is like the Southern plantation owner marketing the glories of slavery to the Black by saying — see, all you have to do is pick cotton, I will provide you home, your bed, your cloths, your food and all the things you want.  And the Blacks were, by and large, content to live in that slavery.    If it was truly unbearable they would have rebelled.  It’s not like they could not rebel — there were slave rebellions.  But they were few and not enough to overturn a system that they supported by their labor.    There are many cases of former slaves — after emancipation — staying with their White masters  — they didn’t want the kind of freedom we think of as freedom today. At the end of the day, they wanted security.  

And that’s always what slavery portends to offer.  And we, today, continue to be content in our slavery.

At  minimum, home mortgages are the equivalent of indentured servitude, for the benefit of a roof over your head. Except you have to to maintain the house, pay taxes on the house (real estate taxes are nothing but rent payments to the government), insurance on the house (which protects the Banker, not you!), and you retain all the risk of being upside down in a bad housing market.  

 The Slave (the Borrower, the Indentured Servant) pledges a large fraction of their wages for 30 years, to the Banker (Slave Owner).  Those wages are not going to pay for the house — they pay “interest” payments — usury — it is a slave tax — bondage — to the Oppressor.  

When the House of Israel was in bondage they were forced to pay large  portions of their earnings (their crops, or herds, or whatever they earned) to the foreign masters.    Today that system is duplicated — it is  debt slavery to the Bankers and their partners in the government.  One does not exist without the other.

Governments benefit because it keeps them in power — they have endless money to pay for their corrupt schemes.  And they personally benefit from the borrowing and spending.  Look how many politicians become multi-millionaires when they are in Congress or higher office — they all get rich. 

Senior Bureaucrats play the game, too. Retired General Officers become board members for large corporations who donate to (bribe) politicians to keep in spending, and a portion of that money goes right back into the pockets of the retired General Officers and the Senators, Congressmen, and down the line.

Meanwhile, the average wage earner/tax payer/indentured servant/slave gets the illusion of wealth (you have a job!) and lives in his “own home.” It is a racket and the poorest man is left on the bottom — the middle class is being destroyed.

The real poor — those living in tenements and public housing — know they have not chance of getting out of their bondage (despite a huge publicity stunts telling the world of those very very few that seem to make it) and so the are content to milk they system for what they can and justify their poverty and, when opportunity arrises,  commit crimes for which they will likely not be punished. 

And they are exceedingly vulnerable to calls for Marxist Revolution.  

Marxist Revolutions (whether Soviet, Maoist, Castro, BLM, Anti-Fa) have a lot in common:

1) the demonize a group of people — “those in power.”

2) They justify violence agains them — “in the name of the people.”

3) They must positively end in bloodshed — the physical elimination of their enemies.

4) Massive theft.  The claim that the weals is transferred to “the people,” But this is an illusion. Castro had his billions in Swiss bank accounts. The Chinese Communist Party is nothing but a front for organized crime.  Stalin and the Communists lived in luxury — the higher up the party chain you went the wealthier you got.

Make no mistake — the Anti-Fa/BLM movement is a marxist revolution in the making and they will transfer the wealth to themselves.  And like all previous Marxist governments, any failure to alleviate the suffering of the poor will be blamed on counter-revolutionaries in their midst or external agitators from foreign countries.    There are no example of Marxist governments actually solving problems — their are State sanctioned theft and murder for the benefit of the senior party officials. Everything else is a lie.

And do not doubt that a Marxist Revolution demands blood — Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Castro, Pol Pot, all bathed in the blood of the “counter-Revolutionaries.” In 2020, Whites and Trumps supporters are called Nazi’s and Fascits.  What, seriously, do you think our end will be when they take over? This is an existential crisis for White Christians, just like it is for the Suidlanders in South Africa.  They will come for us, too.

They debt cycle will continue under Biden/Harris, or under Trump, or whomever comes in they future unless the debt slavery racket is destroyed.  When the debt Ponzi-scheme collapses, it won’t be the party leaders who suffer — it will be the “home owners” who sill are in Indentured Servitude to the banks — slaves for life.     

If the value of a home goes down and the mortgage is not paid, the Bankers (the Usurers) take the home, and the man is thrown out on the street with his family. Not even the Slaves in the South faced this — they weren’t kicked out of their homes if the price of cotton fell.  More likey, it was cheaper to purchase their own freedom.  Middle Class Indentured Servants have less a chance of paying off their mortgage and debts than slaves did of purchasing their own freedom.

The “home owner” has all the risk — if the housing market collapses, they still owe the original mortgage. Their only hope is to sell to the next sucker and cash out before it all goes down.

Governments have zero interest in low housing prices. Low housing prices (affordable housing) means low property taxes — lower revenues for the government.  Governments making money based on real estate taxes don’t want market based affordable housing (unless it is funded by the tax payers — the slaves!).

Market based affordable housing would be universal if the debt slavery (mortgage) industry were eliminated.  The Bankers/Slaver-Owners ought to be put out of business.

Housing prices would plummet with out this modern day slavery system. Men would truly be Free Men, unburdened from a life time of indentured servitude where they were never even accorded the benefits of slavery (a guaranteed job and home).  They bore the risks on both ends.

Essentially, the modern global financial system — debt slavery — is the foundation of the our totalitarian world order – it is the gas that runs the new Tower of Babel project.  The bankers and government leaders and merchants are all in this together.  

A Free People must throw off the shackles of Indentured Servitude and Slavery.    And just paying your bills on time does not make you free.  In  today’s totalitarian system, you are not free to have an opinion outside of that the Slave-Owners permit you. Even for students, questioning the unquestionable (political correctness) risks expulsion. And the higher up the economic chain you go, the less lee-way a man has to express political or religious dissent.

There are no examples in the Bible of the People of God live in Peace with their enemies. The Warfare is eternal. Either we secure our land and borders or we become enslaved.  Mixing with them (the anti-Christs) led to the downfall of the small Christian Republics in Colonial New England. As soon as Americans let our institution accrete the atheism of the French Enlightenment, the rot took hold and here we are today.

Do not criticize the demand for purity of doctrine — the doctrine I preach is far less onerous than the demands of the social justice warriors.  They preach the totalitarian man-made traditions of the Judaizers — moral guilt an enslavement. Jesus Christ came to set us free from the guilt manipulation of the Pharisees/Jews.    

The gentle yoke of Jesus Christ is nothing to complain of — we are now living in a totalitarian world were our entire being ( financial, social, spiritual, intellectual) is demanded from birth to death.
They permit a private Bible study, and song-time, behind closed doors once we week.  But why are the Ten Commandments illegal in the schools we send our children too?   They stole our children, and teach as doctrine the precepts of men .  They mock us openly when they teach our children to accept homosexuality and we, the Church, dare not say a word for fear of being called sinners.  “You are homophobic!,” they scream and Christian ministers run like rats to their corners and pledge fidelity to “acceptance” and “tolerance.”

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego all faced the choice. So did Stephen.  And Moses. And Paul and Jesus Christ. Who is Lord? 

Either Jesus Christ will be Lord and King and we live in Christian liberty, or the long nightmare of totalitarian brutality has only just begun.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
8 October 2020

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