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Judeo-Christianity: An Explanation

Explaining Judeo-Christian — the impulse to make Jesus Christ acceptable to the anti-Christs.  Judeo-Christians apologize for Jesus Christ and “reinterpret” Him so he is no longer a stumbling block or a rock of offense.  The Church is being sorted out as we speak into Christians and Judeo-Christians.  Choose wisely.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
29 November 2020

Evolution as the Dominant Existence Myth — End of an Era

The twenty-first century will witness the end of Atheism and Evolution — these theories have run their course and cracks are showing up in their foundations.  Thomas Kuhn’s Scientific Revolutions — they come suddenly and everything changes.  Cultural evidence of the end of “evolution.”  The internal inconsistencies of “englightenment” thought — faith was never optional, even for the atheists.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
20 Nov 2020

Why Do Christians Seek Approval From Anti-Christs?

  • Presuppositions — we ALL argue from faith, and bodies of literature; mine are the Hebrew and Greek writings.
  • The cult promotes institutional child abuse.
  • The mantra of the current global cult is “Diversity is Our Strength.”
  • Matthew 1o: Jesus —  not a good little Judeo-Christian
  • Why do Christians yearn for approval from the anti-Christs?
  • Jesus: “Do not think I came to bring peace on the earth.”

Fritz Berggren, PhD
14 November 2020

Borders Are God’s Idea: Calling out a Christian Nation

  • Borders are God’s idea — different Nations are God’s creation. The Pope rebels against this.
  • The Pope and “Fratelli Tutti” as “traditions of men,” which equates to the leaven of the Pharisees. Judeo-Christianity as Judaism — betraying the King.
  • University professors are the priests and prophets of the global cult.
  • Libertarianism was an attempt to find a neutral third way – why it failed.
  • The imperative of your bloodline.
  • Calling out a Christian Nation — a bloodline who will serve Jesus Christ.
  • We are monarchists, we have our King: Jesus Christ.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
12 November 2020

Election as Symptom: The Problem is We Are Not One People

I am less interested in the details of the election than the election as evidence of an insurmountable split in the identity of those calling themselves American. The East Indians were never one — that manifested itself after WW2 when the split into India and Pakistan, and then later into Bangladesh. Civil Wars have been fought for less — the English Colonists and the British Crown where White Christians, so to the Yankees and Rebels.  How much more this split in the peoples of America today.  

Fathers — Anti-Fragile: the Building Blocks of a Strong Nation

The building block of civilization is fathers. They are the organic leader, defender, provider and guide — organic humanity fails without them.  Analyzing how we got into our current civilizational decline and how discussing the building blocks of a Christian nation with Christian liberty.

Fritz Berggren, PhD. 
7 November 2020