Election Day/Color Revolution Day

Biden never planned to win.

The Democrats never planned to win by conventional means — by Constitutional means.

 Consider this: Biden ran because he was terrified that if Trump won (again) he and his son would go to jail for the bribery and corruption.  The rest of the Obama posse needed Biden to run for the same reason — to keep the anyone from investigating their crimes and corruption, subversion and treason.

Biden was the least objectionable — to the vast swath of the American people.  A small homosexual man (Buttigieg) is unappealing.  A fake skinny Mexican (Robert “Beto” O’Rourke) lacked charisma.   Fat Stacy from Atlanta has proven she can’t win local elections.  Hillary is as toxic as ever and, at the end of the day, could the whinny Jewish Communist (Bernie) really win?   

Never mind that Joe Biden has dementia.

If they were serious about winning a constitutionally appropriate election, all they had to do was go to Texas and find the most Conservative Democrat they could find — a white conservative male who was aDemocrat.   Someone who  most people could identify with.  And Texas — and  other states — would have swung to Biden and that would have been a clean sweep and Constitutionally legit.

But Biden and the Democrats chose an Kamala Harris —  the Indian/Black descendant of slave OWNERS who never held high office.   Kamala Harris does exactly nothing to win the electoral college — she isn’t from Florida or Texas.  California was already in the bag — she does nothing to get Biden over the top.  She has no broad-based appeal.  And she does nothing for those who notice that Joe is losing his mind.

Her appeal is to the Social Justice Warriors — and that is who runs the Democrat Party now.  They despise the Constitution — they use it for their ends until they are ready to burn it.

So instead of running for Office on the agreed rules — the Constitution, they marshall their revolutionary forces (Anti-Fa and BLM) and call for violent “direct” action.  Their goal is to delay the results until they find enough ballots to push Biden over the top.  When they get the last vote, they’ll declare victory, and assault the White House (long before January 20) and wave their Anti-Fa flags.  Then they come after those of us who dared support Trump.

Democrats knew they never could win this in the first place — that’s why the chose a VP who had nothing to add to the ticket as far as winning the electoral college. Kamala adds street credit to Anti-Fa — that’s it.  That is their base.  And their MSM cheerleaders back them to the hilt.

Their plan is to demand recounts until they win.  That’s been the plan all along.

Constitutional agreement is gone in America.   The Right has obeyed the laws and Constitution while the Left scorns our allegiance to rules they deem “racist” and “intolerant.” 

Time to re-think our presuppositions.  Time to dig deep. No one — including Trump — is coming to save us.  The new politcal zero qualms about lying, cheating and violence.  

A wise man once said that the only law of warfare is not to lose. The Left knows this.  The Right still can’t find it’s rear end with both hands.   

We need leaders — if you are reading this, that means you.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Election Day 2020

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