Thank You, Joe Biden. Thank you, Progressives.

Thank You, Joe Biden. Thank you, Progressives.

By analogy, here is what is going on:

If you take a tiny smidgeon of black powder and pour it onto the sidewalk and dop a match on it, not much happens. You get some smoke and a brief flame.

Take that same powder, wrap it tightly in a sheet of paper — you have a fire cracker. It makes and pop fierce enough to take off a finger.

This is the mistake the Left is making — and I suspect the Left is not capable of adjusting; because to back down on their moral crusade (of hatred towards orthodox Christianity and European Americans) would be to deny it’s own identity. Not going to happen.

Our European and Christian ancestors sacrificed everything for us, as did our God, Jesus Christ. To submit to your hatred is treason against our ancestors and against our King. Cowardice is a distinctly non-Christian and non-European trait. The first people going to hell are Cowards (according to Revelation 21:8) and that will include any “Christian” lacking fidelity to our King and Ancestors.

And so I have to thank the Left (especially our University Professors) for creating the conditions that will work like the card board wrapping on a dose of gunpowder.

Eventually we will explode in their hands. And they may lose some fingers. And even as they have thrown off the semblance of a balanced scale, we will claim back all that we have given up by “compromise” and, frankly, our own cowardice.

Thank you for forcing us to become conscious of our European and Christian identity.
Thank you for forcing us to address our own cowardice.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
6 February 2021

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