Time to Go Our Own Way (excerpt from forthcoming article).

Gannon University decided to play the “Black” national anthem before their games. Clearly some someone (perhaps Whites who have elevated themselves to the position of thinking for the Blacks) perceive a Black racial identity as distinct and different from an “American” Identity.

Which is fine.Take a Stand

Except that White people are always told “we are all Americans,” except when we are not.
I am not criticizing Blacks here, rather the controllers of the narrative, the universities and media elites, who call White students racists when they wear an American flag , and yet applaud the mandated Black National anthem and cheers as BLM burns cities.

Kindly, Christian and European, consider the cult-like ideas they expect you to believe — that Christianity is evil and that White people are the source of all the that is wrong in the world. This is taught in our Universities.

A solution is for Europeans Americans, dedicated to a Christian worldview, to unite and establish our own country. Since we are so hated by the Uni-Party and the High Priests of our society (University Professors) they should be glad we are leaving.

Of course they will oppose this: European Americans are the obedient and productive class that keeps the sytem running. Remove law abiding Whites and the system collapses.

Who will be the silent and obedient bureacrats? Who will run the cities? Who will be the taxpayers? Who will be our policemen and soldiers?

Who will the Social Justice Warriors blame if there are no White Christians around? This is why the won’t let us leave.  They are used to guilt-whipping us into supporting their agenda.  But those days are nigh over.

This is not a situation that can be remedied with kind words. The Left knows this.
This is why the Uni-Party and the Left pursues an agenda of banning our views, crushing our businesses, and denying us the freedoms recognized in the Bill of Rights.

(more to come!)

Fritz Berggren, PhD
10 February 2021

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