Podcast: De-Racination, the End of the Enlightenment, and Truth

Monologue starting with the modern world’s attempt (mostly successful) to strip a man of his roots — those things that make him whole and protected.  Strip a man of language, gender, lands, and blood, put him in an urban fantasy land, and that man is mere putty, flavorless tofu, in the hands of the Powerful.

The bankruptcy of Western universities — the end of the Enlightenment.  The centrality of language as the arbiter of Truth and the inability of the Professors (religious leaders) to do anything with this truth. For them, Truth does not exist; therefore, lies do not exist.

All this is reconciled consistently in Jesus Christ as the World of God who is both Representative and Creative.   He Alone is the Saviour, Intellectually and in every other sense.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
19 Feb 2021

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