To My “Facebook Friends”

To my Facebook friends — some of whom I know well, some of I don’t know at all: 

I have controversial opinions —  “provocative” in the words of Politico.   I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but they are important enough to speak my mind.   

A “Facebook friend” is a corporate product that is marketed.  When FB deems it in their interest, they will make me go away.  Until that happens there is no  offense in “Facebook unfriending” me — it does not mean that we are no longer real friends any more than it means we were real friends before. 

We find ourselves on the opposite end of ideology/religion/politics/life.    But what kind of world do we live in if everyone agrees?   Either boring, or totalitarian. There are movies about this.  

I have written elsewhere (FB bans that particular site)  that this country ought kindly consider a peaceful divorce .  We are in a serious “domestic dispute” right now.   It is not working out — cities are burning.     

Perhaps someday I’ll find myself across the table from you at peace talks and we can find a new path, different paths.

Kindly and Respectfully,


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