The Borg: Resistance Is Not Futile

The United States has become the central node of the BORG — that global bureaucracy that would control, chide, and coerce every human on the planet, imposing a narrow minded morality based on what the new Pharisees are teaching in the corrupt and evil cathedrals of the West — our  Universities.

There is no room for dissent.
There is no permission to seccede.
The avenues to express fundamentally dissenting opinions come with risks to one’s livelihood, and one’s life (Ashli Babbit).

In short, this control node has gone rogue.  It is the HAL of Space Odyssey 2000 — a sentient AI who knows better than the actual humans it pretends to care for.

We are entering the era of the Terminator — where the machine will track down and eliminate all opposition.   It has become the stated purpose of the Establishment to eliminate “fake news” and Trump supporters  — relabeled “domestic violent extremists.”    They don’t even  pretend to hide it.

The entire apparatus of the federal government has been turned on its own people.

It is a “whole of government” solution and the People are the problem.  The CIA, DHS, FBI, DOD, IRS, HHS,  — they no longer serve the people — they a serve their masters, enrich them, control the people, and eliminate/kill them when convenient: Ashli Babbit.  (Any follow up on who shot her? Which agency? Why she was shot? Of course not.)

The machine does not respond to citizen/human input. It has gone rogue.  Voting does not matter and the courts refuse to hear challenges.   They laugh at the people.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
8 March 2021

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