The First In Line To Hell Will Be Christians

In twenty years this entire generation will stand up and curse their fathers for allowing little boys to become little girls and little girls to pretend to be boys.

We have been turned over to darkness because we have rejected the Light. We scold foreign governments that outlaw homosexuality and promote it among our children at home.

America’s multi-billion dollar abortion industry offers up live child sacrifices to the demon-god Molech. Over sixty million sacrificed since Roe v. Wade.

Now our country demands that children reject their biological sex. This government promoted child abuse is a living horror.

And all the evangelical Christian songs and prayers haven’t changed a thing.
We wouldn’t want to offend anyone.
And we wouldn’t want to “break the law.”
And we have to “love the sinner.”
And if the price is the living sacrifice of children then so be it.

We are terrified of what the sons of darkness might say about us if we caused them trouble.
We are terrified to acknowledge that there are two bloodlines — the saved and the damned.  We are terrified of turning on the Light because the darkness would hate us, get angry at us, and lash out.

We are terrified not of our own God; we are terrified of the god of this world.

The first in line to hell will be Christians.

15 March 2021

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