Podcast: The Corruption of the Christian Church

  • New Voices in Media
  • Suborning the Christian Church
  • Only Light Drives Out Darkness: The Importance of Theology
  • Truth=Jesus Christ
  • Why I Talk About the Jews (It is a Bible Word, So I Talk About It)
  • Foreign Intelligence Activities in the US: If US Politicians are so easily corrupted by American business interests, does anyone have any doubt that foreign governments also corrupt them? Why won’t the Press cover these stories? Or, are “journalists” just as compromised as politicians?
  • Corrupt Christian Leaders: Would it make sense for foreign governments to influence  American evangelical leaders in order to get them to support that foreign government? How come that is not a story? (Or, is it inconceivable, to you, that a foreign governments would try to influence Christian leaders in America?) Time to  stop being naive.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
27 March 2021

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