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Podcast: Deuteronomy 28 and The Ten Commandments

What is a Christian Nation? It is a nation that takes the Ten Commandments as the foundation for its public policy and Laws.  The First Commandment (Thou shall have no other God’s before Me) means that Jesus Christ is publicly and openly honored as our Monarch, our Sovereign, Our Lord, our Saviour, our God: “He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father.”

Fritz Berggren
Pike Peak Region
26 April, Anno Domini 2021

Podcast: Judgment on the Nations

Judgement is NOT just for individuals, it is for entire nations — ethnic groups.  A nation IS an ethnic group.  A nation is not defined by those existing inside a map drawing — Judgement Daythey have a common ancestor.  God created Nations.  Prophets — God always sends prophets and they may not be who you expect. The Covenant for the Nations is the Ten Commandments.  Nations are judged in Time through History, AND on the Judgement Day.  Examples.  What can you do to created Christian Nations?  Spread this message.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Pikes Peak Region
23 April 2021

Why America Does Not Work Any More

Part 1 of 3

There once was a stock of European Christians whose identity defined America and whose allegiance to their God, Jesus Christ, caused the Almighty’s blessings to flow upon this land.

However, this people turned away from their God, served foreign gods, invited in foreign peoples and learned the ways of pagan nations.

Now we are invaded, corrupted, bankrupted, and our young are consumed by immorality, abortion, homosexuality, debt, poverty, physical violence, and the bloodshed from ceaseless wars.

And our elite persist in a lie that “everything is fine” at best, and at worse, “the European Christians” are the greatest threat to domestic peace and tranquility.

This doesn’t work. Making White Christians “domestic enemies” will only further subvert this country and hurry its journey to destruction.

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Podcast: Borders are Biblical

Borders were ordained by God even before the fall of Adam and Eve.
God separated that nations/bloodlines and established boundaries for them.  “No Nations No Borders” is a cry of rebellion from the anti-Christs — it is a call from the evil one to return to Babel.

Everyone expects their own fenced back yard to be respected, not to be shared with everyone; why then are national borders/fences seemingly a strange concept?

The invasion of a Christian nation by foreigners is a curse that comes upon a people that turns away from Jesus Christ to serve foreign gods.

Podcast:Collapse of the Enlightenment — Rise of Christian Civilization

Fritz outlines the collapse of the Enlightenment due entirely do the internal inconsistencies of its belief system.  Secular scholars revealed it’s bankruptcy and it centers around the inability of rational man to escape the boundaries of human language as the means of intellectual salvation.  This, of course, is consistency with the Christian believe that “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word Was God,”  our Saviour, intellectually, is the Word of God.

As the Enlightenment order collapses, a new Christian Civilization is ready to arise. 

Fritz Berggren, PhD
19 April 2021
Colorado Springs, CO

Podcast: Malachi, Chapters 1 and 4

“For from the rising of the sun even to its setting, My name will be great among the nations, and in every place incense is going to be offered to My name, and a grain offering that is pure; for My name will be great among the nations,” says the Lord of hosts.”  Malachi 1:11.  

That NAME is Jesus Christ!  Christian Nations!

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Colorado Springs, CO
18 April 2021

Podcast: Letter to POTUS, Cathedrals, Conditions for Peace, Black Slavery

  • A letter to the President: if you, by the authority of the Constitution, undermine the same Constitution, you undermine your own legitimacy.
  • If the President can limit the Second Amendment, why not the 19th Amendment (Women’s suffrage)?
  • Universities as the Grand Cathedrals of the current Anti-Christ Religion.
  • Slavery: “Africans Enslaved the Blacks,” Europeans had no power to do this.