To Hispanics . . .

Be Proud.  Your ancestors protected Christian Europe from the invading Africans and Muslims and brought Salvation to the Western Hemisphere. 

Northern Europeans owe you for defending them from death and invasion by those who hate our God and covet our lands.

The Franks (France) repelled the Muslims at the Battle of Tours in 742, but the Spanish Re-Conquista drove the African Muslim out south-west Europe.  The Seven Century Re- Conquest preserved Christian Europe.  In 1492, God assigned to the Hispanics (Spanish) the conversation of the Western Hemisphere to Jesus Christ.  These European Conquerors defeated the devil worshipping Aztecs and freed millions from slavery and human sacrifice.

Contemporary Hispanics ought remember the legacy of their ancestors — proud and martial Christians who did not shrink from the calling of their bloodline — to defend Europe and convert the New World.  I lived in a town called Matamoros once.  And I live in a country called The Saviour (El Salvador) and I lived in a country emblazoned with the Cross of Jesus Christ (the Dominican Republic).  Hispanics ought rally to the honor and glory that was once their under the mighty Christians and European conquerors.  This is the legacy of all Hispanics.

Evil invades with their violence and twisted ideas, turning Europeans into a self-loathing morass of cowardly infants.  It is time Europeans rejected the guilt mongering  of the New Pharisees,  and the hatred and mayhem of the foreign invaders.

Northern Europeans ought mimic their southern Hispanic brothers by repelling the atheist, Asian, and African invaders.  It is a cause worthy of the dignity of European man .  In this fight for Jesus Christ European man will once again find worth, salvation and joy.

European: There is salvation in no other Name than Jesus Christ.

Fritz Berggren, PhD

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