Judeo-Christian = Anti-Christ Christian

Judaism = Anti-Christ.
Christian = Christ

The Christian church seems hell-bent on following the path of the Jews by erecting a structure of man-made traditions and precepts around the Word of God in order to “interpret” the Bible in such a manner as pleases them.  Evangelicals (I’m including myself in this group) seem to prize the praise of the anti-Christs over the honor of the Word of God.  

This is the sickness that has killed the Church: the yearning to be accepted by the world and the willingness to pretend that the Bible doesn’t say what it says.   The Jews did the same thing with the Law — they erected their doctrines around it, twisting it to mean something completely the opposite of what it said.  Jesus earnestly chastised the Jews for this.

And Jesus warned the Church about exactly this.   “Beware the leaven of the Pharisees,” he said. That leaven is their doctrines — precepts  elevated above the written Word of God.    But we ignored this, and have pursued our own traditions and precepts.   The Jews call their traditions the Talmud.  Evangelicals haven’t organized their traditions into a written code, yet, but the Pope has been working on it.  His recent efforts to codify an alliance between the Papacy and Judaism and Islam is a perfect example of this anti-Christ effort.

For evangelicals, it seems our highest moral code is to “not offend” the anti-Christs.   So we paint Jesus up as the master of self-help and personal fulfillment, an all-forgiving heavenly Santa-Claus “if you’ll just believe.”   And we are truly ashamed of his Word, no where more clearly is this seen than when we call the followers of Judaism “God’s children” when Jesus Christ called them a  brood of vipers (the seed of the serpent) who would not escape hell.   

It offensive to Christians when they are reminded that God’s love does not preclude hell for most.  It was God himself that “put enmity” between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman.  The Gospels are the full revelation of this enmity — this isn’t a “we are all one” story.

  • Remember: Jacob I loved.  Esau (also a descendant of Abraham) I hated.   This hatred was even  before they were born.  
  • Remember: The Great Flood, when God wiped out over 99% of every human being.
  • Remember: The Instructions to the Sons of Israel to wipe out the Canaanites and take “their” land.
  • Remember:  Broad is the path that leads to destruction and most go there.
  • Remember: The path that leads to life is narrow – few find it.
  • Remember: John 3:16 is founded upon the principle that all will  perish outside of the One Saviour.  Christian “tradition” overlooks that part.  

Wakey, wakey, Church. Time to ditch your traditions.   This rot has to go.   

Fritz Berggren
22 May 2021

Gen 3:15
Matt 12:34
Matt 23:33
John 8:44
John 7:19
John 8:37
John 8:40
John 19:15
1 John 2:22
Rev 2:9
Rev 3:9

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