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Podcast Aftershow: Who is Biden? What is the Game Being Played?

After the Sunday Sermon, I put up an Aftershow that is less  theology, more contemporary application.

  • Who is Biden? Why was he chosen? (Because he can be controlled).
  • Who controls? Not the people.
  • More on the “Domestic Terrorism” strategy.
  • Jesus Christ as King of every nation on earth now — that is a political statement.

Podcast: More on the Unconstitutional and Un-American Strategy Against Terrorism

This is not the time to hold back. When “constitutional” officers undermine the very document that gives them constitutional authority, they have no authority.

Men, Father’s Day is Independence Day. You owe no man obedience except just because they claim to be the “government.” And if “officers” of government are in rebellion to our Sovereign, Jesus Christ, you do not owe them submission. Rather, open your mouth and speak up for our King, Jesus Christ.


Reviewing the “National Strategy For Countering Domestic Terrorism.”

Most of this document is fluff and camouflage.  America already has laws against “violence” like murder, assault, arson, etc.  If you sift through the lofty rhetoric about protecting “civil rights” and suppressing “violence,” you find that their intent it to snuff out ideas that may, in their sole opinion, contradict their narrative.  Online content is squarely in their sights. A few quotes from the “National Strategy”:

“We must work to root out hatreds . . . ” p. 3
” . . . opposing our government institutions.”  p. 5
” . . . racial or ethnic bigotry and hatred as well as anti-government or anti-authoritarian sentiment.”  p 6.
“Domestic terrorism and the factors that contribute to it . . . ” p. 12
” . . . reducing the factors contributing to domestic terrorism.” p. 13
” . . . engaging with financial institutions . . . ” p18
“mental health experts” p21
“potential indicators of terrorism-related mobilization.” p21
“iconography, symbology, and phraseology . . . how to recognize potential indicators of mobilization . . .” p25

Wow. There is a Lot Going On!

If all these things gain enough traction — what is the proper response of the American people?  This isn’t only an indictment of the “media,” but all our establishment institutions.  I am a federal bureaucrat; in my opinion, most bureaucrats would sell out their mothers to keep their GS salary.  They buy into the cult beliefs in order to keep their benefits.  Their respect for the U.S. Constitution is nominal at best — at worst they condemn it as an evil document from evil people.

Main Steam Media continue to lie and mis-direct.  Those talking about it are maligned, slandered, and censored.

To make matters worse, the national security apparatus (Biden isn’t intellectually able to make a decision on this by himself) has targeted half of America as terrorists.

Who would have thunk it?


Podcast: After Show — CW2

This is the “after-show,” which means after the Sunday Sermon. I’m going to make this a regular feature, and talk less theologically. Today, speculations about CW2.
Currently the “Right” has “suspended disbelief” of the irredeemable corruption of our government and institutions. Will this summer be the end of that? In other words, will the Right come to an irrefutable conclusion that the situation cannot be corrected with in the system? If they do come to that conclusion, will they just give up? Or what?

Sunday Sermon: Mark 4-5

  • Parables as the obvious in creation.  This creation was designed to make Truth plain every day of our lives. Luke, Chapters 3 through 6.
  • The Kingdom of God is growing now — the Mustard seed took root 2000 years ago when it was planted in the ground.   Daniel, Chapter 2.