All Life is a Loyalty Test

All Life is a Loyalty Test

  1. I have a King. 
  2. His Name is Jesus Christ, the Non-Jew.
  3. He is Judge of the World and Creator thereof.

The mistake is perceiving “Christianity” as a religion and secularism as  reality.  A “religion” is a set of beliefs not requiring proof; as such, evolution is a religion since none can prove that life comes from non-life, nor that entropy works in reverse; claims to the contrary are secular dogma.


Once agreed that we share the common foundation of unprovable presuppositions, our religions are at least equal and Christians owe zero deference to those who claim, via dogma, that they have no dogma.

Jesus Christ is Judge and earthly Monarch; this core belief is infinitely more important than clinging to a set of moralities or “values.” 

Jesus Christ is Power.  Christians (as opposed Judeo-Christians) recognize this.   That He appears weak at the moment is a vast consideration — it is as if He were nowhere to be found but in the stale dry pages of a book long bypassed by a dead Christendom.

But there is a genius to this facade — it allows men to demonstrate loyalty in the face of insurmountable odds.   This is the gold of the Kingdom — living by faith for a King not here, knowing he will return in his own time.

And it’s not about rote obedience either:  It is “who will pay the price for the privilege of laying down one’s life for His Name.”  All life is a loyalty test.

As Ruler over the governments of the earth, as the resurrected Son of God, He commissions his followers to make the nations follow.   For this we cannot apologize.  Jesus Christ is Lord, and the race which will not serve him will be destroyed.  Christ will rule in utter strength — a Lion not a lamb.

How is this accomplished by mere men before His return?  Propaganda.  We propagate the idea, the Truth,  that Christ is the Risen Judge and Lord.  The propagation by no means excludes the use of educational institutions (K- Grad School) to accomplish the mission, for schools are but seminaries (seed farms) of religion.  

All schools are religious institutions with a deep faith in the righteousness of their cause, the justness of their morality, and an unshakeable faith in the worthiness of their cause regardless of “proof” or “science.”  Witness the non-capacity of secular man to “prove” that life emerges spontaneously from non-life and that things get more complex and  appeared designed, and yet they claim it all happened by chance.  This is a fundamentalist belief that will not change — it is their religion.  It cannot be changed, for to change it would be deny their religion.

The Cross of Jesus Christ over Christian Lands

dogma of non-Creation, non-binary sexes, non-Judgement, and non-division of mankind into races.  This is all utter dogmatic belief with zero empirical  proof.  Transgranders, no matter how surgically destroyed or chemically altered, have yet to demonstrate a change in chromosomes or the ability to reproduce. This isn’t “science,” this is a twisted experiment of degradation.

Harvard’s founding motto:  “Truth for Christ and the Church” — remains valid in all institutions of education, for He remains forever the Way, the Truth and the Life for all races in all times, in all places.  

There is no alternative to Jesus Christ. There is no “third path” mankind can agree to wander down allowing us all “to live in peace and harmony.”  Christ did not come to bring morality or peace on earth — he came to bring division and a sword.   Judeo-Christianity (a false religion) promotes harmony and peace and morality at the expense of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ revealed the deep hatred between Himself and the Seed of the Serpent. 

A Christian choses loyalty to Jesus Christ — a Judeo-Christian has chosen friendship with the World and put adorns himself with Christian baubles.

That the education institutions (Harvard) where captured by the anti-Christs by no means leaves them exempt from recovery (or utterly replacement).

Ditto for all Christendom: That European man has been taught self-loathing and Christ-denial by no means exempts us from returning to our once and future Monarch, exalting Him as our Power-in-Chief, proud of who God created us to be  — Whites —  Europeans.   It is our duty and great honor to reassert an expansive ideology of Christian Truth.  It is our privilege to be called to do so.

This is just common sense.  

And to the degree that others races imitate a Christian Europe we rejoice with them, for He is the Power over every race.  Yet we maintain our own racial, cultural, and geographic spheres with a passion and fierceness that brooks no apology. 

Christian Flag on Christian Lands

No man opens his doors for vagrants to come in and share his children’s bread and his wife’s private refuge — this unthinkable even to the atheists. This same common sense must extend to our relatives, our blood, our language, our culture, our land, and our God.  We owe foreigners no entry, no land, no submission, no capitulation, no apology and no equality; my family will always be more important to me than yours. (And you ought feel the same).

Has a man reduced himself to believing that men are owed the right to share bathrooms with Christian women?  Please!  But it really has come to this, hasn’t it?  Those men are Judeo-Christians, disloyal to our King. 

 Even God prefers his own race when, at the Judgement Day, he smells the blood of those who stand before Him and allows entry only to his children (from every tongue, tribe, and nation). “Others” are kept out — for eternity.  Why does modern man think his own morality exceeds that of God’s?  

European man — we have a Champion in Jesus Christ; let us return to Him — He believes in us. Let us believe in Him once again.  Better this generation die resisting evil than pretending our duty is to placate the anti-Christs (it is not).

From one, God created many races.  From Abraham, he created many nations.  Babel was split asunder and race separation was enforced with language barriers and facilitated by the naval engineering skills passed down from the building of the Ark.  Why do “Christian” men fight against God?  

“E pluribus unum” is an insurrection call against our King.
Christians ought flee Babel/Babylon, not build it.
Rebel Leader One is calling us — let us return to him and defend His Kingdom.  

Christian Nations.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Washington, DC,
28 September 2021

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