Abortion: The Sacrifice of the First Born Child to Satan

— a religious rite, a holocaust, an offering by fire
— the sacrifice of the first-born child to Satan.

This National religious rite (held in common between America and China) is the sacrifice of the first born child to Satan. It is not a new ritual; it goes back to Moloch worship. In this rite, the most innocent (the first born child) is surrendered by the girl or young woman. A priest officiates (called a doctor)– who ends the life of the child by chemicals or dismemberment. The body parts (if large enough) are sold for money or otherwise burned by fire.

The sacrifice of the first born child to Satan invokes the most powerful of demonic entities (Satan himself) to rule over nations promoting this sacrifice.

No nation can simultaneously claim Jesus Christ as Monarch and yet enshrine the religious practice of sacrificing their first born children to Satan.

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