It’s Ramping Up

There are many God-fearing, Red-blooded, Patriotic Americans warning of the tyranny now upon us.

I saw a man in Colorado not long ago “demonstrating” on a street corner.
He had his AR-15 (slung, muzzle down), and a US flag flying upside down.
At the Judgement Day, whatever his sins may be, he will never be condemned for cowardice.

Too many Americans and Christians remain afraid.
They remain “cowed.”
That is the WHOLE PURPOSE of persecuting those of us raising our voice against this tyranny.
A cow-ed person is a cow-ard.
Bad things await cowards in eternity.
Revelation 21:8

If you don’t think we are in trouble . . . there’s probably nothing I can say that will wake you up.
It’s too late to “vote harder.”

Go watch the movie Dune (the syfy version is the best) and you will understand when Duke Leto Atreides asks rhetorically: “Do you really think they are just going to give up and walk away?”

Let us be clear — now that the Cabal has taken over, they will never submit to a legal constitutional vote that kicks them out of office.
Lenin didn’t.
Neither did Hitler.
That’s just not how it works.

Watch for this — some Official, a governor or a mayor, will ask the U.N. to send an intervention force to help them fight __________ (fill in the blank).

Immediate action drill: Speak up, speak out, refuse to be silent.
They WANT you to be the gray man — until it’s too late for you, too.

Anger them by using your voice — watch them quiver and moil in terror and hate.
Cook them in their own juices with your words.

Make your mark in life before they steamroll you into oblivion.
Be thankful to Almighty God that you live in
an age of demons and heroes,
cowards and the brave.

Chose carefully.
Never look back.


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