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Romans 11

Question from a reader: “Hey Fritz, what is your interpretation of Romans 11? I’m currently trying to figure out what God means by saving all Israel and grafting them back in. It seems the mystery is to heal the blindness of the people of Israel in the last days.”

Answer: This is a great question and one I look forward to writing about. Of course, this could take a book in itself, but I’ll be brief.

First, start this by reading from Romans 9.  I’m very happy to say that Paul sets a precedent for the love of one’s own race.  For him they were his “brethren . . . kinsmen according to the flesh,” Israelites. (Romans 9:1-3)  He would rather be eternally damned if it meant salvation for his own race.  He repeats this in Romans 10:1.

And for this I say the same thing for the Whites, the Europeans — I would gladly give my eternal soul for their salvation, for they are my kinsmen according to the flesh for whom the Gospel was designed — it was to the Europeans that the care of the Vineyard went (Matthew 21:43).  

Who is Israel?  Here are four answers to that: Continue reading

Are You A Judeo-Christian? Find Out Here:

Are you a Judeo-Christian?
This quiz will help you find out.

• Which Epistle was written to the churches in Africa?
• Which Epistle was written to the churches in China?
• After the Resurrection, which Scriptures were written in a non-European language?
• How many homosexuals did Jesus appoint as Apostles?
• How many women did Jesus appoint as Apostles?
• After Christ’s Resurrection, were any Scriptures written in Hebrew?
• How many times did the Jews call Jesus a Jew?

Answer to all of the above: None, Zero.
If this offends you, you may wish to consider yourself a Judeo-Christian.

Every Scripture written since the Resurrection was written in Greek — a European tongue. Paul wrote letters to European churches. Even the letters to the seven Churches in the Revelation are European churches (colonies of Greece). Even “Hebrews” was written in a European language and it warned against Jewish influences.

Is the Gospel Eurocentric? Yes.
Should we apologize for this? Never!
Even the Jews prophesied this “He is not going to the Dispersion among the Greeks, is He? To Teach the Greeks?” (That’s exactly what he did via his Apostles!)

Typically, this offends Judeo-Christians.

Hatred toward the White Race — the endless accusations against Europeans — continues the enmity that began in Genesis 3:15, was displayed in the Gospels, the Book of Acts, the Epistles, and finally in the Revelation.

Jesus Christ — the Galilean — told the Jews he would strip the vineyard from them and give it to a different ethnic group. As demonstrated above, it went to the Europeans. The Europeans, in turn, were faithful in the vineyard and spread the Gospel to the rest of the world. Spain’s successful works to evangelize the New World are a perfect example of this.

Unfortunately, Judaizers have infected the Christian church with their leaven. Purge your heart of unbelief, European — that alone will be our salvation. Return to Jesus the Galilean, the Son of God, who cursed Jewish leadership and their Judaism.

Jesus Christ loves European Man.

27 December 2021
Breckenridge, CO

PS: Judaism is Anti-Christ; ergo, “Judeo-Christian” is Anti-Christ-Christianity, every bit as evil as the Judaism that Christ warred against and Paul warned against.

LIVE Sunday Sermon: Galatians and Europeans. 10:30 AM Mountain Time

Stand fast in the Liberty of Jesus Christ and stop submitting to the Judaizers who demand you gain their approval (by not being “racist” and “anti-semitic” and not “homophobic”). The Chosen People are those baptized in Jesus Christ — we are the heirs of the Promise, the Children of Abraham. Paul warns of the same “leaven” that Jesus Christ warned against — the leaven is the doctrines of the Jews.

The Roman historian Livy recorded that the Celts of Asia Minor fought naked and their wounds were plain to see on the whiteness of their bodies.

The Dying Gaul

Galatia was ancient area in the highlands of central Anatolia, roughly corresponding to the provinces of Ankara and Eskişehir, in modern Turkey. Galatia was named after the Gauls.


Legitimate Government ONLY Comes From Blood

Legitimate government ONLY comes from blood.  Government’s or societies not based on blood are Jewish governments that have successfully de-racinated humans, stripped them of their natural protections, and made them subservient to men and their traditions.

Jesus Christ hated Jewish government.  The Jews had de-racinated their followers bySt. James of Matamoros gutting the Fifth Commandment — they replaced  honoring one’s own blood with the false loyalty of honoring a secular (or in their case, Jewish) government.

Secular government IS Jewish government, and vice-versa.  Judaism is not only a rejection of the God of Abraham, and David and Jesus Christ, but it is an utter replacement of the Law of God and the Word of God with man-made (secular) traditions.  Jesus Christ was exceedingly pointed on this on Matthew 15.  Jews  substitute the Law God for their own man-made traditions; and that is the definition of secular government no matter how you camouflage it with seemingly scriptural language or references that are only used as a tool to deceive the righteous.

Blood is the immutable human bond.  All government rejecting this as the fundamental tie are Jewish governments, which means secular governments. Judaism is anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Law — utter rebellion — no matter how much they gussy it up with references to scriptures or the God they long before rejected (and I say this because this is exactly what Jesus Christ said, repeatedly).  

God the Father is the first government.
He appointed His Son has Heir and Ruler and Judge.
Adam was the government on earth.
Sons become father’s and heads of their own household.

Brothers band together as kin, and kin into tribe and tribes into nation.  And together they protect their land and god and blood and tradition. There is no other way that does not end in utter slavery.

The sin of this current age is replacing blood and kin with false loyalties to traditions of men (Judaism).   This is cause of our own utter helplessness to defend ourselves our families, our kin and our land.

Like the Jews of old, the Jews/Secularists of today replace God’s order with man and the result is always tyranny and totalitarianism — a return to Babel.

Rebuilding requires more than tweaking man-made traditions — that only ends up in the same place.  We shall return to blood and faith, land and kin; this is God’s order.

Following Christ requires a loyalty to blood (Matthew 15:1-14) — only then will European man truly be able to protect himself.  Our God cannot protect us when we refuse a political/governmental order that rejects blood-based loyalties and that rejects the Son of God as rightful Monarch.  

Blood and Faith is everything.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
Christmas 2021

Jesus Hated the Jews

  • Jesus Christ hated the Jews — the serpent’s seed.
  • The Jews hated Jesus Christ — the seed of the woman.
  • Jews said Jesus was demon possessed.
  • Jesus said that Satan was the father of the Jews.
  • Jews conspired to destroy Jesus.
  • Jesus said the Jews were tares and are to be burned.
  • Jews swore allegiance to Caesar disowning  Jesus Christ.
  • The Father of Jesus Christ is not a Jew.
  • Jesus preferred Galilee of the Gentiles over Jewish lands.
  • Jews never called Jesus a Jew.
  • Jesus defined Himself in Greek — the Alpha and Omega.
  • Jesus Christ’s Scripture is written in a European language.
  • Hebrew ceased to be the language of Scripture.
  • Jesus cursed Jerusalem and the Temple.
  • The Jews damned Jesus and demanded His crucifixion.
  • Jesus stripped the care of the Vineyard from the Jews.
  • Jesus gave the Vineyard to a different ethnic group.
  • Europe becomes Christendom.
  • Jews who hate Europeans remain loyal to their father, the devil.
  • Europeans who are loyal to Jews are traitors to Jesus Christ.

I am not Judeo-Christian.
I am Christian.


In a Christian North America . . .

God created North America. He set it apart for a people to honor His Son, Jesus Christ.

A country that serves Jesus Christ does not legalize child abuse and promote it in the public schools, as we have done with the LGBTQ agenda. And to be fair, NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS. It was forced up on us by judges and bureaucrats who consider themselves above the law and who have rejected the gentle yoke of Jesus Christ.Christian Cross

In a Christian country it is LEGAL for towns and counties and states to honor the Sabbath – closing businesses to honor the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

In a Christian country, it is LEGAL to insist that marriage is between and man and woman only. To be fair, NO ONE VOTED FOR HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE. It was forced upon us by a ruling class of black robed tyrants (Judges) who clearly hated the Holy Scriptures.

IN a Christian America, it is LEGAL for schools to put the Ten Commandments on the wall of the school rooms and for football coaches to pray in the Name of Jesus Christ with their teams.

In a Christian America, it is LEGAL to honor our Father and Mother — and their ancestors — as we erect statues to our heroes and to the men who defended our culture and faith.

In a Christian Country — it is LEGAL to have public monuments elevating the Cross for public notice and to engrave the Ten Commandments in stone for all to see.

In a Christian Country — it is LEGAL to regulate (or ban) immigration the dilutes the Christian nature of our country.

In a Christian Country, it LEGAL to legalize the Ten Commandments as the foundation of social and legal norms.

In a Christian Country is it ILLEGAL for a class of financiers and bankers to corrupt the money, enrich themselves, and burden the citizens with endless debt.