Judas and the Black Messiah

A great movie about a few brave Blacks — emotionally and intellectually a winner.  A lot more truth here than in “woke” movies like the Eternals (reviewed in an earlier podcast).  

The movie may well be the best conservative counter-revolutionary film ever made, even if  unintentionally. 

The message in the movie: it is not possible to all get along.  The Black Panthers were calling for “revolution,” but wouldn’t that just put a different group of tyrants in charge?  History suggests it would.

“Getting along” has never been possible in the history of the world.  The Almighty did us a favor when he separated the races at Babel, rather than allowing tyrannical “government” to grind each race into submission.   

In the movie, Hampton shines when his comrades swear allegiance to their own race.  That is realistic.  A race is extended kinship, and if they share a common world view and language and geography — it just might work!  Perhaps the Director was embarrassed by this, so later in the movie his coalition expands to some Confederate-flag-waving Whites, and Hispanics.   At that point, the movie became an evangelistic crusade for The Great Rainbow Coalition (which is just a return to Babel). 

The lead character took responsibility for the destiny of his kin/race and acted accordingly. That’s manhood. And that is why Judas and the Black Messiah may be dangerous to those who pursue the inhuman tyranny of “tolerance” and “diversity.”  Did the Director create a right-wing hero and then try to soften his image by making him more inclusive?  That was the tell — I think he did.  

Let’s talk about sympathy for another’s cause.
Does anyone really want sympathy?
Is sympathy a nicer word for pity?  Pity is insulting.  

Pity and fake guilt say:

  • You suck because of what I do to you — that means I have power.
  • You suck because you can’t stand up to me. 
  • You suck because you are not as smart or strong as me.  
  • You suck because my culture is superior to yours.
  • You suck because I am superior.

The Left speaks down to the “victims” when they attempt to placate them with money that belongs to someone else.  The entire framework of “affirmative action” is arrogance mixed with pity.  This is true in race politics and international relations:

  • Poor countries suck because developed countries are great.  
  • They can’t improve unless given free stuff and special privileges.  
  • Because, really, they will never make it with out help from their betters.

White self-guilt demands nothing — it says to the “victim” that “I am so overloaded with spare emotions that I can give you some.” 

White moral posing says “you are no threat to me — you want pity? Here’s some pity.  You want me to say ‘sorry?’  Sorry!”    Most indoctrinated (highly educated) Whites will not understand this, because it would mean a re-evaluation of their entire world-view.

Men have dignity in their labor, their children and in the beauty of their private lives.  No man grants another man dignity by sharing surplus shekels.  A poor man knows this.  The  softly arrogant, having never know hard times,  have no idea.

Classical Marxism demanded economic equality and it failed. Now they demand equality in the religious sphere, the social sphere,  the intellectual sphere,  the political sphere — and so we return to  the economic sphere: “equality of outcome, not just opportunity!” 

No race can hand dignity to another.  What another gives you can be taken away.    Dignity resides inside a race: It is for them, collectively, to  mine and refine and then shine on the stage of history. They need their own leaders and customs and lands and values and gods and poetry.

 Each race must resist its own destruction as the maw of global finance, and technocracy, and “universal values” chews through our languages and lands and customs and gods.

 Don’t be a Judas.  Don’t side with the Global Cult — they hate you. Be a Messiah for your own people.

Judas and the Black Messiah is a movie for all of us.  You will either find yourself in the role of a self-justifying Judas; or, that of a man-in-full following the dictates of conscience.  And that is why this movie is dangerous — Hampton  refused to submit, and he is our hero.

Fritz Berggren, PhD


Fred Hampton  advocated for his race.  That is noble.  For  a man’s race is but family writ large.  Moses killed for his race, so did Fred Hampton.  It makes sense for a tribe to rebel, to separate, to go their own way.  Is that not the story of the Hebrews leaving Egypt? Is that not the story of the Tower of Babel?

I would never invite my own neighbors to live in my house; I would be happy for them if they  relocated closer to their own kin. The Global Cult’s demand that we all mix and share is demeaning.  It’s not like its leaders are going to join us at the bottom — they will continue their scam and live their own separate lives.

Equality is the inverse of diversity.

Judas Rats. There are always rats.  Even Jesus had a rat in his group of twelve.  Just accept it as inevitable.   

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