Get out of Babylon!

Get out of Babylon!

People still think that Jesus is a Jew — this is a psy-op waged against the Christian church by Satan. The Father of Jesus Christ was not a Jew in any way shape or form — the Father of Jesus Christ is God the Father. Jesus Christ is the Son of God. All genealogy in the Bible is patrilineal, which is the opposite of what the Jews practice. No Jew or Pharisee in the Bible EVER called Jesus Christ a Jew; they called Him a Nazarene, a Galilean, a Samaritan, a son of fornication, and demon possessed. The closest (that I can find) is that a Samaritan woman called him a Jew; at best, that was only on his mother’s side, and it had zero relation to His “religion.” Judaism is anti-Christ (Galatians 1:13-14, and 1 John 2:22).

Christ distanced himself from biological descent from David in Matthew 22:41-45. Yes, Mary, His mother, is a descendant of King David. But Jesus Christ was making a point — His Father is God Almighty; Jesus is literally the Son of God.

Jesus Christ is indeed the King of the Jews (and every other nation), but the Jews don’t recognize Him as their King. In fact, King Herod (who sought to murder Jesus Christ) was himself an Edomite — a descendant of Esau (whom God hated). At Christ’s appearance before Pilate, the Jews themselves said “we have no king but Ceasar,” so clearly Jews did not think their king was required to be Jewish on the count of either Herod or Ceasar.

Jesus Christ did NOT come to reform Judaism; he came utterly abolish the Old Covenant and establish a New Covenant based upon His own blood. Jesus Christ prophesied the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Jesus Christ now is the Temple of God — He is the cornerstone of that temple and those baptized into Jesus Christ are the New Jerusalem and Mount Zion (Hebrew 12:22).

What a waste these Judeo-Christians have made by kow-towing before those who murdered Jesus Christ. Please, get out of Babylon.

Fritz Berggren, PhD

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