In a Christian North America . . .

God created North America. He set it apart for a people to honor His Son, Jesus Christ.

A country that serves Jesus Christ does not legalize child abuse and promote it in the public schools, as we have done with the LGBTQ agenda. And to be fair, NO ONE VOTED FOR THIS. It was forced up on us by judges and bureaucrats who consider themselves above the law and who have rejected the gentle yoke of Jesus Christ.Christian Cross

In a Christian country it is LEGAL for towns and counties and states to honor the Sabbath – closing businesses to honor the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.

In a Christian country, it is LEGAL to insist that marriage is between and man and woman only. To be fair, NO ONE VOTED FOR HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE. It was forced upon us by a ruling class of black robed tyrants (Judges) who clearly hated the Holy Scriptures.

IN a Christian America, it is LEGAL for schools to put the Ten Commandments on the wall of the school rooms and for football coaches to pray in the Name of Jesus Christ with their teams.

In a Christian America, it is LEGAL to honor our Father and Mother — and their ancestors — as we erect statues to our heroes and to the men who defended our culture and faith.

In a Christian Country — it is LEGAL to have public monuments elevating the Cross for public notice and to engrave the Ten Commandments in stone for all to see.

In a Christian Country — it is LEGAL to regulate (or ban) immigration the dilutes the Christian nature of our country.

In a Christian Country, it LEGAL to legalize the Ten Commandments as the foundation of social and legal norms.

In a Christian Country is it ILLEGAL for a class of financiers and bankers to corrupt the money, enrich themselves, and burden the citizens with endless debt.

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