Jesus Hated the Jews

  • Jesus Christ hated the Jews — the serpent’s seed.
  • The Jews hated Jesus Christ — the seed of the woman.
  • Jews said Jesus was demon possessed.
  • Jesus said that Satan was the father of the Jews.
  • Jews conspired to destroy Jesus.
  • Jesus said the Jews were tares and are to be burned.
  • Jews swore allegiance to Caesar disowning  Jesus Christ.
  • The Father of Jesus Christ is not a Jew.
  • Jesus preferred Galilee of the Gentiles over Jewish lands.
  • Jews never called Jesus a Jew.
  • Jesus defined Himself in Greek — the Alpha and Omega.
  • Jesus Christ’s Scripture is written in a European language.
  • Hebrew ceased to be the language of Scripture.
  • Jesus cursed Jerusalem and the Temple.
  • The Jews damned Jesus and demanded His crucifixion.
  • Jesus stripped the care of the Vineyard from the Jews.
  • Jesus gave the Vineyard to a different ethnic group.
  • Europe becomes Christendom.
  • Jews who hate Europeans remain loyal to their father, the devil.
  • Europeans who are loyal to Jews are traitors to Jesus Christ.

I am not Judeo-Christian.
I am Christian.


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