LIVE Sunday Sermon: Galatians and Europeans. 10:30 AM Mountain Time

Stand fast in the Liberty of Jesus Christ and stop submitting to the Judaizers who demand you gain their approval (by not being “racist” and “anti-semitic” and not “homophobic”). The Chosen People are those baptized in Jesus Christ — we are the heirs of the Promise, the Children of Abraham. Paul warns of the same “leaven” that Jesus Christ warned against — the leaven is the doctrines of the Jews.

The Roman historian Livy recorded that the Celts of Asia Minor fought naked and their wounds were plain to see on the whiteness of their bodies.

The Dying Gaul

Galatia was ancient area in the highlands of central Anatolia, roughly corresponding to the provinces of Ankara and Eskişehir, in modern Turkey. Galatia was named after the Gauls.


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