Cowardice Rules, Anarchy Ensues

Now that America has officially favored dogma (boys can be girls)  over science (there are two sexes and human life cannot exist unless they unite heterosexually) I’m wondering of this insanity is enough to wake us up on 2022. 

Transsexualism is the most in-your-face rebuttal of science that I can imagine.  Yard signs promote “science” as if it were a candidate running for office.  “Questioning science” is forbidden by the Cult that runs our culture.

Breaking the grip on the mind of America requires questioning everything we have believed in recently.  The cabal at the top  still perceives that power rests in maintaining this twisted world view.  The bankers, billionaires, and hangers-on continue enriching themselves while midde-America rots and our country is flooded with non-productive “diversity,” creating  downward pressure on wages and increasing scarcity on social services.  Inflation means our ability to purchase goods decreases over time.  Prosperity becomes an illusion for more and more Americans.

Our votes have not mattered for generations now. If we vote wrong courts or bureaucrats overturn our decisions.  Justice jails average Americans (January 6) for political acts and pretends the crimes of the favored elites do not happen.  The press covers for all of it. 

Everybody knows this yet nothing changes.

Intelligence and learning do not equate to wisdom.  The truth is not easily resurrected when any concept of “truth” is denied.

Will this madness stop?
Yes. And it is going to hurt in ways that we have yet to imagine.  

 What does a Reset (in a historical sense) look like?  War, Civil War and economic collapse.  All at once.   The Europeans wars of the 20th century, the Asiatic wars of the 20th century, the Middle Eastern Wars of the 21st Century . . . this is how history rolls.

Can America avoid this? No.
Why not? Americans lack courage, especially the sons and daughters of Christendom.

We are afraid of standing up to the non-sense that overruns our country.  It costs too much to stand against the cultic dogma of our cultural masters — it is easier to submit or be silent.  

We’ve been indoctrinated to hate that which made us good — a European and Christian culture. Now we believe that boys can become girls, for god’s sake!

Critical Race Theory (the hatred of White people) and LGBTQ in schools (child sex abuse) appear irresistible, but they are not.   It is that we are afraid of the cost of confronting  this non-sense. 

The children of Christendom have exchanged the honor of our King for friendship with those who have hated Him since the beginning.  We have disowned the Word of God for the favor of  man-made precepts.   We are smarter that God and try to improve Him with our new-found “sensibilities.”

Cowardice rules,  anarchy ensues, and destruction will not abate.

Fritz Berggren, PhD
News Years Day 2021

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