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Aftershow: The Beast and the Whore

 Musing from Daniel 7 and Revelation 17-18. Who is this false wife that rides the world system and persecutes the followers of Jesus Christ?

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The Fall: Genesis 3.

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Borg Apostate: Identity of the Beast and The Whore

We live in a time of existential threats — of complete annihilation of all opposition. We see that being carried out between Russia and the “West,” (which are the apostates nations that emerged after the Great Falling Away, the residue … Continue reading

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Aftershow: Why Christian Nations?

The world’s current trajectory of rule by emergency decree (due to Covid, then War, then Economic Collapse) shows no sign of abating. This is a “good thing” for those who would be our rulers. But like the Tower of Babel, … Continue reading

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Genesis 1 — Creation

The foundation of a Christian order is the Narrative that God provided in the Holy Scriptures. God made man and gave him a woman — their job is to breed and raise children and honor God (in part, by resting … Continue reading

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Psalm 33 — Christian Nations!

Jesus Christ is the Incarnation — the “in the meat” of God Almighty.  He is the Creator of the world.  He is Lord of every nation on earth.  He laughs at those who think they can foil His plan to … Continue reading

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How Goes the Revolution?

How goes the Revolution? This is an update on the Revolution’s progress broken down by key measurements — national identity, borders, voting, gender identity, ideological gains and more. Tactics of the Resistance — what works? What does not work?

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Aftershow: Christian Nations!

Regardless of War or Civil War or the “end of history,” the goal remains the creation and propagation of entire Nations and Cultures exuding the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Word — Christian Nations.

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LIVE this morning (now recorded): Outline of the Bible

Very brief overview of the Bible from Genesis to the time of Jesus Christ.

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Socialism, Communism, Liberalism: All Are Government/Business Hybrid Models

There are no fundamental differences between Communism, Socialism and the Liberal-Capitalist order of today.  They are all a combination of Government and large businesses at the very highest levels.  Of these three, our current system is the most effective because … Continue reading

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