Hoping For Yesterday Is Not A Plan

The cure to the disease requires fundamentally challenging the assumptions that caused us to arrive at 2022 in the first place.

The Left is way ahead in thinking hard — they imagine us as chipped and drugged urbanites requiring permission to travel and speak. Dissent to be eliminated as  always  — mass murder.

Abandon the idea that someone will save the future. We save our own children.

This starts imagining big:

  • Independence of thought and speech.
  • To govern ourselves as we see fit.  
  • The right to keep and bear arms in order to establish and defend ourselves, just as “colonists” did in 1775, and just as every military and police force does today.  Are the “police” super-citizens with more rights than average people?
  • End all immigration — our progeny will work.  
  • End all imports of goods — we will build what we need, or we won’t need it at all.
  • Our own geographic area where “others” aren’t going to impose guilt and unearned rents upon us because we are not like them.
  • Our own geography to grow our food and live under the laws of our God.
  • No alliances  with the Cult of global homogenization.

We have to outpace them intellectually.
We must thinking bigger thoughts than they are.
We have to stop thinking about yesterday.

Groundhog Day, 2022

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